Twitter ArtHouse: Just The Facts

July 22, 2019 Sarah Cavill

Twitter recently announced the launch of Twitter ArtHouse, which “connects brands with the creative capital and talent of influencers, artists and editors who can add a new dimension of relevance to their content.” ArtHouse functions similarly to an in-house studio, bringing talent together to “develop ideas and assets” for brands, offering a Twitter-first approach to content. Much of this work with brands is already being done at Twitter but will now live under the ArtHouse shingle.

How Does Twitter ArtHouse Work?

Twitter conducted a study with Magna and IPG Media Lab analyzing what the benefits are for brands and marketers when they work with creators, and how their strategies can optimize those benefits, particularly with lower-funnel metrics. “The results of this media trial proved that creator content is a valuable asset for brands. To keep up with the fast-moving pace of social environments, branded creator content is a quick, easy and affordable way for advertisers to impact consumers,” said Kara Manatt, SVP Intelligence Solutions & Strategy at MAGNA.

Twitter ArtHouse works with creators in two different spheres: artists (illustrators, animators and videographers) and influencers. Each offers a unique take, either through their artistic skills or curated influence and fan base, to work with marketers crafting content for brands. According to Twitter, “In the past six months, we have doubled our efforts in Artistic Creators and have seen a 3x increase in visual campaigns in partnership with brands.”

Live Brand Studio, an existing Twitter asset offering analytics and production support for brands doing live feeds or activations will now fall under Twitter ArtHouse.

What Role Do Optimized Videos Have In Twitter ArtHouse?

In addition to artists and influencers, ArtHouse’s video editors are creating short-format video for brands like Dunkin and StichFix. Adding captions or editing existing assets into what Twitter calls “feed-stopping” content are among the optimizations being offered by Twitter Arthouse. These upgrades have shown a 33% increase in emotional engagement over “non-optimized” TV commercials.

Why Do Twitter Users Respond To Creator Content?

The Magna/IPG study showed that, more than any other platform, Twitter is where social media users go to follow creators. 61% of Twitter users follow a creator, and two out of three believe creators “actually change and shape culture.”

The accessibility that Twitter allows, with interactions and conversations often going on between users and creators in a way that was unprecedented prior to social media, has created a generation of consumers who feel they “know” creators. This establishes a trust when a creator goes on to collaborate with a brand. Namely it creates authenticity, a quality Millennials and Generation Z are very attached to.

Authenticity is incredibly important to today’s social media consumers, and it’s equally important to creators partnering with brands. “94% of creators look for brands that connect with their style and image,” according to Twitter. Creators want their messaging as a brand partner to align with their personal brands, and 93% look for brands interested in their ideas, expertise and perspectives. When successful, collaboration creates a seamless relationship between creator and brand, generating trust from consumers and driving higher metrics in brand favorability, purchase intent and recommendation intent.

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