Brands Love Veterans: 5 Veteran-Inspired Marketing Campaigns That Pull at Your Heart

November 12, 2018 Victoria Pallien

Does your brand express its gratitude for veteran consumers? Veterans make up more than 20.4 million individuals within the U.S. population, according to Pew Research, so your brand may already reach this consumer base. Marketing to these individuals can remind them how grateful you are for their service.

In honor of Veterans Day, we take a look at a few brands who made thanking veterans the focus of their marketing.

Duracell: The Ones You Trust

Plucking on consumers’ heartstrings, Duracell honored veterans and active-duty military personnel with a sweet, family-oriented message. This 2015 TV spot portrays just how much veterans sacrificed to fight for the U.S.

Just like Duracell, the ones you trust are always there.

American Airlines: Putting Them First

In 2010, American Airlines debuted a tear-jerking commercial, thanking the military for their service. From veterans to active-duty, all are appreciated in this minute-long TV spot.

Though the ad is already several years old, its message still holds weight, and American Airlines continues to express gratitude for all military personnel. Because military personnel put our country first, American Airlines puts them first.

Suave: A Place Called Fisher House

Veterans are often separated from their families when they are receiving medical treatment and recovering from combat injuries, but similar to Ronald McDonald House, Fisher House offers them a place to stay with their families for free.

Because staying with family can be the best medicine, Suave is honored to support the Fisher House Foundation, an organization that works to keep active and retired military families together.

In this two-minute TV spot, Suave illustrates just how much family can help veterans heal.

Walmart: A Thank You to Veterans

Since 2016, Walmart associates and local volunteers have helped out at Military Appreciation Day, which is organized by Penn State University. Walmart first got involved two years ago because Penn State volunteers found themselves lacking in supplies and resources.

With the help of more than 500 Walmart employees and family members, the 2016 Military Appreciation Day was able to feed and entertain 10,000 veterans in the community. Walmart remembers Military Appreciation Day as a great opportunity to express genuine gratitude and continues to lend a helping hand, making the event a success every year.

Budweiser: Service Never Stops

Budweiser, a well-known supporter of U.S. veterans, released their “Service Never Stops” ad earlier this year. The five-minute video is an emotional portrayal of how the Folds of Honor organization gives educational scholarships to military families, and how Budweiser chips in.

Through Budweiser, veterans can work to brew a special beer, called Freedom Reserve Red Lager, which was inspired by a recipe George Washington wrote about in a personal diary. A portion of the sales from this beer are donated to Folds of Honor.

Even after exiting the military, many veterans have found another way to give back to their communities, and Budweiser aims to do the same.

Inclusive marketing allows your brand to proudly support those who fight for our country while extending marketing reach. Thank veteran consumers for their service and their support.

Reimagining your veteran marketing?

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