Walmart’s TV And Video Media Agency, Vudu: Just The Facts

May 7, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Vudu from Walmart has recently been updated with advertising options backed by Walmart’s data.

What Is Vudu?

Vudu is an advertiser-supported video and TV platform. Walmart purchased the Vudu platform in 2010 and launched its free streaming options in 2016.

What Advertising Formats Does Walmart’s Vudu Streaming Platform Offer?

Vudu offers multiple advertising formats, including in-stream video inventory, custom integrations and shoppable ad units.

What Targeting Capabilities Are Available On Vudu?


Because the Vudu streaming platform harnesses first-party (Walmart) retail data, brands can use this information to target consumers with specific shopper behaviors, including buying habits in various categories.

For example, a beauty subscription brand could target young, female and affluent consumers, those who form the brand’s ideal consumer base, on Vudu’s platform and present these consumers with a compelling call to action. Advertising on Vudu could be beneficial for retail brands, products sold in Walmart or on Amazon and subscription brands.

How Does Vudu Prevent Ad Fraud?

Vudu also uses third-party sources to verify user behavior, and they work with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings and offers Nielsen reporting. As a result of the multiple audience and impression verification systems, advertisers can be confident they’re reaching their audiences, no matter what type of devices consumers are using.

As streaming and subscription services prove popular with consumers, Vudu has the potential to increase brand awareness and overall reach with easy conversions for consumers.

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