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Major Car Brands Unveil New, Digital-Friendly Logos

July 28, 2020 Sarah Cavill

The recent trend in automotive is car logos going 2D. Car brands are adopting logos that are more flat and flexible for use across advertising materials, especially digital. Car insiders note the redesigns signify car brands are interested in being recognizable and user-friendly across digital platforms, instead of flashy particularly as smart tech becomes a more essential piece of the driving experience. The new designs are simple, pared down and easily identifiable as the badges of world famous car brands.

Nissan Rolls Out New Logo With New 2021 Nissan Ariya Electric Vehicle

The new Nissan logo is reminiscent of the old one. The word Nissan still bisects a circle, and the general shape is the same. But, as was the intention of Nissan, their new logo is “thin, light, and flexible.” The rollout of the new monochromatic and sleek badge with the Nissan Ariya EV was intentional, since the new logo’s airy redesign is meant to look good when illuminated on electric cars. 

As with other recent car badge redesigns, the new Nissan logo appears flatter and will be more functional for digital use. Nissan said of the redesign, “Notably, in certain digital and video applications the logo will actually ‘come alive’ as it shifts and pulsates against a variety of backgrounds, allowing the logo to reflect today's ever-changing environment and the flexibility needed to remain exciting, relevant and intriguing.”

New BMW Logo Will Only Be Used For Advertising And Branding

BMW has one of the most iconic logos in the world, so when the brand redesigned their famous badge earlier this year, there was some confusion around why the 100-year old brand would monkey with tradition. Turns out, the new flatter, less ornate design, which doesn’t feature the black ring surrounding the BMW lettering, will only be used for media branding and communications. “With visual restraint and graphic flexibility, we are equipping ourselves for the vast variety of touchpoints in communication at which BMW will be present,” said Jens Thiemer, BMW SVP, with the brand also noting that the “pared-down” look conveying “openness and clarity” is better suited for digital applications. The new BMW logo will not appear on cars. 

Toyota Joins Other Major Brands Adopting A Wordless Logo

Last year, Mastercard dropped their wordmark to rely on the iconic shape of their logo to identify their brand, and now Toyota has joined the ranks of brands with wordless logos. Although the shape of the Toyota logo doesn’t appear very different at all, it no longer features the name Toyota and, like many other similar car logo redesigns, is flatter and better suited to digital applications. According to the team that worked on the logo, the intention of the refresh was to “build Toyota’s image as a more progressive brand” as well as “guaranteeing longevity in a digital world.” For now, the new, flatter Toyota badge will only be used in Europe.

As the world marches ever onward toward adoption of digital shopping and advertising, and the convenience of smart technology becomes a must have for consumers, logos that adapt easily across the digital universe will likely become the norm. 

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