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5 Jolly & Memorable Holiday Car Campaigns

November 7, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

‘Tis the season for car companies to harness the holiday spirit in an effort to drive revenue and increase end-of-year sales. While colorful lights are strung around the house and individuals are spending more time with their loved ones, car companies are incorporating holiday campaigns into their marketing strategies. Over the past few years, many car brands have created holiday campaigns to captivate their audiences in new and exciting ways. Here are five creative and compelling marketing campaigns that have wowed consumers.  

Audi Depicts The Parking Nightmare Of Holiday Shopping

Audi showcased the frustrations of finding a parking spot during the holidays. In a 2017 Audi commercial, two exasperated yet determined fathers, one in an Audi RS3 and the other in an Audi RS7, face off to claim the last space in a packed mall parking lot. They must face the challenge of tiny parking spaces, waiting for the woman who looks like she is leaving but is not and elderly shoppers getting in a muddle with their car keys. By using the hashtag #AudiRS3vsRS7 on social media, consumers were able to vote on which car they think ultimately won the open spot.

Honda Spreads Holiday Cheer With Gifts And Donations

Tweet from Honda Happy Honda Days Sales Event

As part of Honda’s “Happy Honda Days” end-of-year campaign, Honda added a giveaway allowing consumers who retweeted Honda’s tweet and used the hashtag, #OpentheCheer, the chance to win Amazon gift cards, Apple Watches or brand new Hondas. In the “Happy Honda Days” Twitter video, a door opens to reveal a wrapped gift, which rotates and unwraps itself with festive music playing in the background. The video ends with a question mark — driving curiosity about what can be won. Besides giving their audience chances to win special gifts, Honda stated that for every retweet, they would donate $1 to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, incorporating a good cause into the festivities.

BMW Launches Snowchat For Sharing Messages

BMW ad Share Some Snowy Holiday Cheer BMW Holiday Snowchat

Inspired by Snapchat, BMW launched a microsite giving users a unique way to send festive greetings that would disappear after five seconds as part of BMW’s “Snowchat” campaign. Consumers were invited to go on the Snowchat site to write or draw different holiday-themed messages and designs on a red BMW X4 SUV with a snow-covered windshield. Once finished, designs could be shared across Facebook, Twitter and email.

Lexus Lets Your Inner Child Loose

Lexus’ 2017 holiday campaign, “December to Remember” aimed to remind consumers that a holiday filled with laughter and fun can bring out the kid in all of us. In Lexus’ commercial, a young boy questions how a Lexus RX could possibly be for him. He breaks out his dance moves as he checks out the exterior and stands on his tip-toes to examine the interior of the car. When the key fob clicks, the young boy is shown as an adult and responds with cheer when his wife asks if he is happy with his new Lexus. By using the hashtag #DecembertoRemember on Twitter, consumers were able to learn more about new Lexus cars, sales and special lease offers, and understand why December really is the month to remember.

Mercedes-Benz Provides Seasonal Surprises

Mercedez Benz USA #MBSecretSanta holiday campaign

Mercedes-Benz launched their #MBSecretSanta holiday campaign to reward consumers who engaged with the company through direct messages via Facebook and Instagram. Instead of replying back to messages with simple responses, Mercedes-Benz gave away 1,000 gifts including Mercedes-Benz branded baby gifts, golf sets, watches and Bluetooth speakers.

By 2020, the U.S. automotive industry is expected to spend $14 billion on digital advertising, growing by 13% each year. One of the main components to a successful marketing car campaign is audience engagement, and tugging on heartstrings appears to work well. The holiday season is the perfect time of year for marketers to do just that.

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