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12 Days Of Christmas: The Best 12 Holiday Commercials

November 30, 2018 Digital Media Solutions

There are just a few weeks left until Christmas, and the anticipation is high as we await comforting family dinners and a cozy holiday morning spent opening gifts.

Nearly everyone gets into the holiday spirit and marketers aren’t an exception here with many brands linking their products or services to positive memories and traditions.

In honor of the 12 days of Christmas, here are 12 iconic commercials that marketers produced with Christmas on their minds.

1. Hershey Kisses Chime In Tune To The Holidays

On the first day of Christmas, marketing gave to me 11 Hershey’s Kisses playing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” First debuted in the 1990s, this commercial is a holiday favorite that comes back every year for consumer enjoyment.

This TV spot proves a simple initiative can do the trick. With a few red and green kisses and a holiday tune, the timeless ad was created.

2. M&M’s Meet The Real Santa

Originally aired in 1996, this light-hearted holiday commercial features America’s favorite M&M’s, the classic red and the yellow peanut, whose main mission is to bring snacks to Santa.

Santa is just as overwhelmed at seeing walking, talking M&M’s as the red M&M is at seeing Santa. This 15-second spot is an evergreen promotion that the M&M’s brand uses year after year.

3. Campbell’s Warms A Snowman

An oldie but a goodie, this 1990s Campbell’s commercial proves good soup warms the soul. Meant for the holiday season, Campbell’s welcomes a snowman, really a young boy, inside with a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup to melt away the cold.

4. Folgers Coffee Wakes Up The Family On Christmas Morning

On the fourth day of Christmas, Folgers gave to me their tear-jerking holiday commercial. In the 80s, Folgers released a Christmas campaign featuring a surprise homecoming as a family reunites over coffee and Christmas gifts. Watch and see if you can keep your eyes dry.

5. M&S Get A Little Help From Paddington Bear

M&S, a British retailer, enlisted the help of Paddington, the English bear, who is known for getting into trouble. This time, Paddington unknowingly saves Christmas by placing the perfect M&S gifts under every tree. See for yourself below.

6. Fruity Pebbles For Ol’ Saint Nick

The Flintstones get ready for Christmas by caroling and spreading Christmas cheer. When Santa arrives, he reminds Fred that Christmas brings out the season of giving and encourages everyone to enjoy a bowl of Fruity Pebbles this holiday.

7. Gingerbread Men Need Phones, Too

AT&T released a humorous commercial to explain the downside of being a gingerbread man. This gingerbread man’s son wants a Go Phone for Christmas, but all his dad wants is for people to stop eating his home.

With a light-hearted tone and a phone, most of the gingerbread men are happy in this holiday ad.

8. WestJet Makes Christmas Miracles

WestJet embodies Santa as they keep track of consumers’ holiday wishes. With a simple display, the airline was able to deliver Christmas presents to even the smallest of passengers on one lucky flight.

By spreading Christmas cheer and listening to consumers’ needs, WestJet was able to bring their flyers a happy holiday, perfecting their customer service.

9. KIA Sends Holiday Greetings With Lights, Cars And Music

On the ninth day of Christmas, marketing gave to me a deal on cars. With a classic holiday song and a triumphant display, KIA announces their Black Friday promotion with the intent to boost holiday cheer and sales.

Through a holiday cheer-induced TV spot, KIA wows consumers and partakes in the season of giving by offering incredible sales.

10. Scrooge Eats Honey Nut Cheerios

It’s hard to get Scrooge to take part in anything merry or jolly, but the Cheerios brand was able to convince him this time around. With a bowl of honey nut Cheerios, not even Scrooge can stay mad.

11. Hess Truck Offers Tradition In A Toy

The Hess Truck is a beloved toy young Americans look forward to every Christmas. The truck, which comes with different accessories every year (this year, an RV with a 4-wheeler), brings about Christmas spirit with a fun jingle. “The Hess Truck’s back!”

12. Coca-Cola Paints A Christmas Story

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Coke gave to me polar bears and Santa Claus. Coca-Cola, perhaps responsible for our modern-day image of Santa Claus, is known for their exceptional holiday marketing. This year, the soda brand released a new short TV spot featuring their holiday mascot, the polar bear.

With heart-warming touches, Coca-Cola invokes holiday cheer in consumers every year. Here’s a compilation of their holiday commercials, starting with this year’s edition.

Embracing the holiday season within your marketing can be a great option that connects with many consumers, but don’t forget your brand and your audience in the process. Stay true to your voice and your product or service instead of jumping on board with holiday aspects that don’t match your brand. Make a statement with your branding in mind so your marketing doesn’t get lost in the clutter of the holidays.

Reimagining your holiday marketing win?

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