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3 Nonprofits Leverage Earth Day Excitement To Grow Subscriber Lists And Share Their Missions

April 21, 2021 Sarah Cavill

Many environmental nonprofits kicked off Earth Day campaigns throughout April, taking advantage of the more than 50-year old day of celebrating the planet to reassert their missions and grow donor lists. During the pandemic, donations dropped for many charities due to the necessary elimination of peer-to-peer fundraising and the cancellation of major events. Earth Day offers an opportunity for environmental charities, including Sierra Club, National Audubon Society and Nature Conservancy, to engage with potential donors and members using digital advertising strategies including content marketing, lead forms, online donations, social media campaigns and virtual events. 

Sierra Club Encourages Recurring Donations And Taking Actions To Help The Environment 

sierra club

Sierra Club, a grassroots environmental organization with 3.8 million members and chapters in every state works to protect the environment while encouraging members and non-members to volunteer and take actions that help the environment. The Sierra Club website offers direct links for signing petitions and joining local campaigns, creating a sense of community and belonging that encourages membership enrollment and donations. Additionally, Sierra Club uses a number of digital enrollment strategies to build subscriber lists and gain opportunities to reach more potential donors. For example, the nonprofit hosts a week of virtual events scheduled throughout “Earth Week” and offers the opportunity to receive text updates on “10 days of action” related to Earth Day. Sierra Club also suggests multiple ways to give, including recurring donations. Recurring donations have been popular for nonprofits in recent years, particularly with younger donors.

National Audubon Society Leverages Informed & Up-To-Date Content Marketing To Share Expertise And Drive Donations

National Audubon Society

The National Audubon Society, founded in 1905, is one of the oldest societies in the world dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats. In order to generate interest in the plight of birds and the work the National Audubon Society does, the nonprofit organization created an in-depth website, regularly updated with articles by experts, ways supporters can help and news on subjects that impact birds and the natural world, like climate change and ongoing environmental legislation. The National Audubon Society relies on science, advocacy and education to reach donors and continue its work. For Earth Day, the organization kicked off a climate change campaign with a prominent “act for birds on Earth Day” donation button on the website that drives to a donation page explaining how birds are impacted by climate change. Additionally, on Twitter, the National Audubon Society is promoting its “Your Guide to Climate Action,” offering real-time solutions for people that want to help fight climate change in their communities. Well executed, timely and meaningful content can build trust and drive donations. 

Nature Conservancy Hosts Earth Day Event To Highlight Environmental Warriors

Online donations have been surging as nonprofits create new ways to engage donors, including virtual events. The Nature Conservancy is celebrating Earth Day by hosting “Change Starts Here,” a virtual event that celebrates “the people speaking up for nature and making positive change for our environment.” Promoted across social media with the hashtag #speakupfornature, the event will feature celebrities, environmentalists and entrepreneurs who are working to protect and preserve the environment. Although the event is free, the registrations allow The Nature Conservancy to build subscriber lists and create personalized email campaigns asking attendees to donate.

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