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Women’s History Month: Best Financial Campaigns That Empower Women

March 21, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

Female empowerment and leadership are celebrated during Women’s History Month and every month. In the finance industry, some brands are making it a priority to showcase and welcome diversity by highlighting women and their histories in digital campaigns.

Bank Of America: Augusta National Women’s Amateur

Bank Of America: Augusta National Women’s Amateur

Bank of America, founded more than 240 years ago, has recognized women in its latest sponsorship of Augusta National Women’s Amateur, the first Augusta National golf championship for women.

In regards to female representation and goals for women in the future, Vice Chairman of Bank of America Anne Finucane said, "I think we can be more hopeful. Just take a look at business: We see more women on boards, and those boards and companies are doing better than ever. Our research finds lower volatility and higher returns if you have two or more women on a board. Then look at politics: More women than ever in Congress — and not just more women, but greater diversity."

Finucane noted there is power in numbers, and women are succeeding in greater volumes. Bank of America supports diversity in the workplace and showcases that acceptance by embracing women’s interests and their right to equal treatment.

CitiBank: Life And Money By Citi

CitiBank shares the story of advocate Jadayah Spencer, who aims to encourage young adults to create the changes they desire. Spencer founded the International Youth Leadership Institute (IYLI), which she tells CitiBank consumers about while riding a Citi Bike through New York for an appearance on Life And Money.

Life and Money by Citi offers insights on money management, productivity and overall wellness, acting as a resource for consumers. Leveraging this platform, Spencer spreads the word about IYLI, and Citi highlighted their support for women in leadership.

Wells Fargo: International Women’s Day

Wells Fargo is promoting Women’s History Month by taking a look at their very own company history.

The bank is “investing in women.” With this initiative, Wells Fargo aims to inspire and educate their consumers on how to reach goals by enlisting women’s advice.

As more brands recognize the benefits of diversity in the workplace, marketing efforts become inclusive and shine a light on the greatness achieved by women.

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