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5 Creative And Memorable Higher Education Marketing Campaigns From 2019

February 7, 2020 Digital Media Solutions

For students, enrolling in a university that meets their specific standards and qualifications is a huge decision that typically involves significant contemplation. In order to attract prospective students, it is important for colleges and universities to stand out from the crowd, while adapting creative marketing approaches to compete. Here are five examples of higher education institutions with clever, authentic and innovative marketing campaigns.

Augusta University Encourages Students To Be Boundless In Their Endeavors

Through targeted blogs, social media posts and videos, Augusta University strives to inspire students making their college decisions with their #BeBoundless campaign. Augusta University gives helpful tips on ways students can get involved outside the classroom, information on popular hang-out spots around Augusta, Georgia and stories of what it truly means to “Be Boundless” at Augusta University. In their series of videos, Augusta University also spotlights students describing their journeys and experiences at Augusta University. The multichannel campaign provides current and potential students all the information they need to thrive at Augusta University.

New York University Counts Down The Days Until School Starts Again

During the week leading up to move-in day, New York University (NYU) highlighted one interesting fact about the university each day with captivating photos and impressive stats on Twitter. With these simple daily posts, NYU created a notable sense of anticipation for first-year students, nostalgia for former students and curiosity for prospective students.

University Of Florida Students Receive Free Shaved Ice

University of Florida turned to TikTok to post a video of their school’s president, Dr. W. Kent Fuchs surprising students by handing out free shaved ice on the first day of class. Using the hashtag #FirstDayUF, students shared pictures of their colorful shaved ice on TikTok and social media. University of Florida’s campaign helped build community and drive conversation on why the first day of school on their campus is awesome.

West Virginia University Students Share Their Daily College Life

For prospective students who are wondering what a day-in-the-life at West Virginia University (WVU) is like, the WVU vlog series on YouTube called “My WVU Life,” offers a sneak peek. Current WVU students on the vlog take viewers through their everyday college experiences, including behind-the-scenes footage of campus dorms and WVU football games. This personal perspective gives prospective students the ins-and-outs of life at WVU, even before they set foot on campus.

University Of California At Los Angeles Emphasizes The Power Of Knowledge

To celebrate its 100th year, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) launched a campaign called “Knowledge Solves” which focuses on the positive impact UCLA has in local communities and around the world. The campaign is rooted in UCLA’s mission of research, education and service and highlights some of society’s most pressing challenges and how UCLA programs and research are developing solutions for them. The campaign appeared on broadcast and cable TV, billboards, buses across Southern California and social media. UCLA also enhanced the campaign with interactive programs, editorial content and live events.

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