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Fun And Flirty Jewelry Store Marketing Campaigns For Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2019 Sarah Cavill

Americans spend more than $19 billion a year on Valentine’s Day, and 20% of that is on jewelry. Jewelry stores wanting to capture their share of the holiday revenue often create Valentine’s Day specific jewelry lines. Marketing campaigns built around these specialty pieces – and the year-round jewelry that happens to also sell well on Valentine’s Day – are often flirty, fun and targeted with specific audiences in mind.

Pandora’s “You Are Loved”

Pandora’s “You Are Loved” Features A Sweet Tune And Women Taking The Lead

Pandora’s sweet “You Are Loved” campaign has an original song made for Pandora by Rasmus Bille Bahncke and features various women singing, strumming and strolling happily along with one another, alone or serenading  beaus. Pandora takes a very relaxed approach to the day of love, and the campaign effortlessly incorporates Pandora’s signature bracelets and other pieces from their Valentine’s Day line. The #treatyourself hashtag accompanies the social campaign, further highlighting the independent, whimsical vibe of the marketing strategy.

Cartier’s “Dare to Declare” Social Media And Advertising Campaign Focuses On Their Iconic Love Bracelet

Cartier’s “Dare to Declare” Social Media And Advertising Campaign

The Cartier Love bracelet is having a moment — again. Popular in the late sixties, it’s made a comeback the last several years among Millennials with the cash to indulge. The gold Cartier bracelet is meant to be worn by both members of the couple and never taken off. But recently the bracelet has shown up in stacks and celebrations of happy singledom. In honor of the iconic bracelet, no matter the style of wear, Cartier launched their #daretodeclare campaign in 2017, encouraging people to post pics of their Love bracelets and their love stories on Instagram. By Valentine’s Day, nearly 1000 images had been tagged. The luxury brand also released three steamy commercials titled “How Far Would You Go For Love” a few weeks prior to Valentine’s Day, also in support of the Love bracelet.

Swatch’s Annual Valentine’s Day Watch Has Become A Collector’s Item

Swatch’s Annual Valentine’s Day Watch

Swatch releases a branded Valentine’s Day watch every year, and they have become collector’s items. The affinity for the love-themed Swatch watches has created a demand for the product line and excitement about each year’s new release. This year’s Swatch Valentine’s Day watch has already sold out. While the watch marketing campaigns vary from year-to-year (last year’s had a more robust content component and commercial), excitement about the signature item can positively influence sales for other Valentine’s Day watches. The #swatchwithlove Instagram campaign is supporting the launch of this year’s watch.

The 2018 Valentine’s Day Campaign From Tiffany & Co. Was A Fun Departure For The Heritage Brand

Valentine’s Day Campaign From Tiffany & Co.

Iconic jeweler Tiffany & Co. isn’t necessarily the first brand you think of when tattoos come to mind, which is why their off-beat Valentine’s Day marketing campaign from last year was so effective and unexpected. In lieu of a card, users could access Tiffany’s online tattoo generator and customize messages that resembled tattoos, choosing the color, shape and message. Consumers then had the option to send, save, or share their messages online with the hashtag #believeinlove. The #believeinlove hashtag also aligned with a creative set of Instagram posts from Tiffany & Co. The posts resembled the cartoonish style of the customized tattoos and wove pieces of Tiffany and Co.’s Valentine-specific jewelry into the animations. The full marketing campaign was well-executed and captured the joy of saying “I love you.”

Brands that go bold, whether the tone is sweet or sultry, help their campaigns stand out from the rest of the pre-Valentine’s Day clutter. When positioning products for a once-a-year event, like Valentine’s Day, don’t be afraid to hone in on specific items to promote or specific groups of consumers to target. Then, make your connection by showing how your brand or product makes your audience’s celebration something to remember.

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