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5 Tax Preparation Brands Emphasize The Importance Of Tax Refunds

February 27, 2020 Digital Media Solutions

April 15th is Tax Day, which means millions of Americans will soon receive their tax refunds. As online tax filing and use of tax filing software are on the rise, taxpayers can file their own taxes, decreasing the need to hire a personal accountant. The following tax preparation campaigns encourage consumers to file their taxes by highlighting the benefit of receiving the sweet reward of tax refunds.

Turbo Tax hashtag challenge post to create a dancing video

TurboTax Motivates Individuals To Show Off Their Dance Moves

TurboTax hosted a hashtag challenge on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram and asked users to post user generated content of their fun and funky dance moves by wobbling their knees. Users shared their excitement about confidently getting their taxes done with TurboTax and receiving their tax refunds. TurboTax users could tag TurboTax and caption their videos with the #W2Step hashtag, automatically entering them in the W2Step Sweepstakes for a chance to win $5,000. 

TaxSlayer Wants To Know What People Would Do With Their Tax Refunds

Tax slayer sweepstakes entry form from Instagram

TaxSlayer is also hosting a social media sweepstakes, encouraging Instagram and Twitter users to share what they would do with a big tax refund. From January 8th until April 15th 2020, users can share their unique stories by posting pictures or videos on Instagram and Twitter, with the hashtag #TaxSlayerSweepstakes for a chance to win $3,143, the average federal refund amount as of February 2019, according to the IRS.

Credit Karma Tax Highlights The Good Karma Of Tax Refunds

Credit Karma Tax’s 2018 #MaxYourTaxKarma campaign depicts how life’s painful and trying moments can come back in the form of good karma, like an unexpected tax refund. One spot in Credit Karma Tax’s campaign shows how suffering sleepless nights with a newborn baby can conjure “good karma” — a tax refund that delivers a fun night out for parents in need of peaceful enjoyment.

H&R Block Celebrates Getting Billions Back With Social Media Record Label

In 2014, H&R Block launched #BillionBackRecords, a social media record label and music video campaign to promote Americans getting their “billion back” in refunds during the 2014 tax season. Collaborating with 10 entertaining YouTube personalities, H&R Block released original songs and music videos inspired by getting a piece of a billion back in tax refunds on their YouTube channel. Billion Back Records’ diverse roster of YouTube talent ranged from beloved personalities like iJustine and Joey Graceffa to singers and songwriters like Jason Chen and Pomplamoose. Fans of the H&R Block social media record label could also participate in a variety of fun challenges via Twitter by channeling their inner “rockstars” for a chance to win music-themed prizes, including concert tickets and custom guitars.  

Jackson Hewitt Emphasizes The Joy Of Receiving Tax Refunds

Jackson Hewitt’s 2012 #HowYouDoIt campaign included commercials featuring customers celebrating after having their taxes prepared by dancing to the tune of “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan. One spot, which promotes the company’s 3,700 Walmart locations, starts with a close-up of a man pumping his fist in the air in slow motion, while standing on a tax preparer’s desk with his eyes and mouth wide open. The camera then pans out to show other Jackson Hewitt customers and employees dancing in the office.

By showcasing value and convenience through innovative digital campaigns, marketers from all verticals now have the opportunity to capitalize on tax season. Digital marketers who connect their products and services with benefits to consumers – like tax refunds – could encourage brand loyalty, repeat business and revenue growth.  

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