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The Best 6 Father’s Day Campaigns: Marketing Dad’s Love

June 14, 2018 Rob Camhe

Because I’m a new dad, I see the power of Father’s Day campaigns. These marketing videos, while boosting a brand’s sales, can show the importance of a healthy family and promote communication and compassion. (We’ll omit the dirty diapers overflowing in the garbage can and focus on the love here.)

Just like Mother’s Day, brands use Father’s Day to their advantage to connect with consumers on a lifestyle or aspirational level. It’s not all hugs and dad bods; this is a 15.5 billion holiday that brands should capitalize on.

See how the following brands leveraged love for dads with their marketing strategies.

Carhartt: Fathers on Fatherhood

Carhartt stole the show for Father’s Day with their touching two-minute spot. In their 2017 video, Carhartt filmmakers talk to actor Jason Momoa about what it means to be a father. The film includes father figures who made a difference in Momoa’s life. Putting real fathers on screen opened the discussion of how to be a great father and boosted the video’s views to 75,823. “To be a better dad tomorrow, you’ve just got to work on today.”

Dove Men: #ThereToCare

Dove’s 30-second ad encourages us to thank all the men in our lives who are #ThereToCare. Highlighting grandfathers, coaches, teachers and more, this ad displays incredible bonds. From secret handshakes to learning the rules of a sport, it showcases the positive influences made by men in their communities. With 5.9 million views, Dove sends the message that all father figures are valued, even if they’re not biologically our dads.

Gillette: “This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad”

This heartfelt two-minute video reveals a surprising statistic: “84% of guys today say their main source of information is their phones, while only 13% turn to their dads.” Gillette helps sons reconnect with their fathers without even knowing it. Using a voice-search technology, sons asked life questions. Instead of searching the web like Amazon’s Alexa would, their fathers give responses, providing tailored answers that helped these sons recognize how much love and wisdom their fathers have.

Courtyard Hotels: Happy Father’s Day

In 2017, Courtyard Hotels, official hotel of the NFL, helped one Minnesota family surprise their father for Father’s Day. Their dad, Prentice Kugler, is a huge Vikings football fan and thinks the family is going to the U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Vikings, for a VIP tour. When the Kugler family arrived, they were greeted by Jared Allen, former Vikings defensive end, and taken for a tour including the locker rooms and hall of fame. For the last surprise, Courtyard Hotels created the “Hall of Fame Dad,” featuring Prentice Kugler and exhibiting family memories.

WestJet & Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada: Coach Dad: Father’s Day Surprise

WestJet & Ronald McDonald House Charities partnered to create the surprise of a lifetime for dad Troy Hunt. Troy and his wife, Neda, have two incredible children Darian and Kaiya. Because Darian was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, Troy and Darian had been staying at the Ronald McDonald House Toronto. To surprise Troy, WestJet & Ronald McDonald House Charities brought his daughter and Darian’s pee-wee hockey team to Toronto. See how a little generosity goes a long way on Father’s Day with their five-minute video.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Dad I Love Him

To engage viewers, Jimmy Kimmel, host of comedy show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, asked fans to sneak up on their fathers and scream, “I love you!” to participate in the show’s Father’s Day Challenge. In past years, Kimmel asked fans to spray their dads with hoses or dump breakfast on them in bed. With the plethora of videos that poured in, Kimmel and his team compiled the best clips into a three-minute video, showcasing fans and their dads. From falling into pools to cursing their kids out, these dads knew their kids love them.

For Father’s Day, brands can take heartfelt routes like Dove Men or go for something a little more humorous like Jimmy Kimmel, but the message is the same all around: we love our dads.

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