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#Adulting: Excedrin Extra Strength Provides Extra Support

September 11, 2018 Jody Bradshaw

In an age where #adulting can encompass everything from paying your cell phone bill to taking care of your kids, the definition of an “adult” seems boundless. And the stresses of being an adult are, too.

The Royal Children’s Hospital in Australia has pushed to extend the age of adolescence from 19 to 24, because many young adults seem to be stressed by responsibilities they feel unprepared for, like managing rent payments. Other adults, individuals in their 30s, may refer to their professional life and parenthood, things they feel adequately capable of, as “adulting.”

Often used sarcastically within the millennial community, adulting first caught attention on Twitter in 2008, according to Merriam-Webster. Now, ten years later, Excedrin incorporated this playful word into their latest marketing campaign, entitled “We See Your Pain,” to appeal to a younger audience.

Adulting, Bad Date, Commuter Excedrin Marketing Campaign Extra Strength Provides Extra Support

Released in September of 2018, Excedrin’s limited edition packaging brings relief to those who adult, commute or experience bad dates. Excedrin’s creative spin on selling headache relief paints the brand as approachable to nearly any adult.

In addition to their online store, where the adulting boxes have already sold out, Excedrin positioned these limited edition packages in New York Penn Station, a busy transportation hub, where the potential for headaches and migraines is likely.

In opposition to Excedrin’s package placement, Google Trends shows that the top five states for “adulting” searches are Maine, Montana, Vermont, Colorado and Washington, though it may be safe to assume commuters in the New York area are interested, too. Interestingly enough, there was no overlap between the top five states “adulting” searches and “headache relief” searches.

Perhaps once viewed as a pain solution for the older generation, Excedrin promotes their product’s effectiveness through the “We See Your Pain” campaign, which is designed to recognize the invisible head pain individuals suffer and appeal to a broader audience by using millennial language. Watch a video from the campaign below.

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