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Gillette Venus Direct Subscription Service: Beauty Influencer Remi Cruz Makes the Sale

January 16, 2019 Victoria Pallien

In a time when social video is taking off and social media influencers may hold more value than print ads, Gillette Venus is leveraging the power of beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Remi Cruz to promote their latest product: Gillette Venus Direct Subscription Service.

What Does the Gillette Venus Direct Subscription Service Offer Consumers?

In three simple steps, consumers can customize their very own razors. With a variety of standard Gillette handles and a limited-edition, exclusive handle designed by influencer Remi Cruz, consumers allow their personalities to depict their blades and handles. The Remi X Venus product is meant to drive more sign ups from Cruz’s fan base. Handles range from $10 to $21.

Gillette Venus Remi Cruz

Consumers can then select the right blade for their skin type and comfort level. Gillette offers blades with additional moisture bars for sensitive skin or built-in body butter for dry skin. Consumers can also order portable travel razors and cases for $5 each.

Gillette then asks consumers how often they shave, making suggestions for razor refills based on usage. Consumers can opt to have four blades delivered once a month, every two months or every three months. Blade refills vary from $10 to $21, and shipping is free. Plus, consumers can cancel their subscriptions at any time.

Why Did Gillette Enter the Subscription Business?

As the subscription industry reaches new successes, women’s razor subscription services are on the rise. From Billie to Women's Dollar Shave Club to Flamingo to Angel, the convenience of fresh blades in the mailbox appear to appeal to busy women everywhere.

According to Marketing Dive, Gillette lost a huge portion of the men’s razor market in 2016, with their market share dropping to 54% from 70% in 2010. Its main competitors? Razor subscription services.

By offering a direct subscription service, Gillette meets consumers where they are, truly offering a product that can make shavers’ lives simpler while squaring up with the competition.

Why Did Gillette Choose Influencer Remi Cruz?

It seems Gillette chose Remi Cruz because of her focus in beauty and lifestyle. Cruz releases DIY, makeup and fashion videos regularly on her YouTube channel, @missremiashten. With 186.6 million views, Cruz has amassed a vast following of more than 2.4 million subscribers, making her a safe bet for Gillette to gain exposure and subscription conversions.

Plus, Cruz was thoroughly enthusiastic about designing her own razor and promoting it on her channel through videos like the one below:

By pairing the promotion of a subscription service, a competitive product and a popular influencer’s following, Gillette sets their business up for success.

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