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Macy’s And Go Red For Women: Innovation Meets Fashion Meets Cause Marketing

February 1, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Are you dressed in a bright color today? February 1st is National Wear Red Day, a day of awareness for women’s heart health.

American Heart Association’s Effort For Women’s Heart Health Awareness

American Heart Association’s Effort For Women’s Heart Health Awareness Go Red

Fifteen years ago, heart disease was written off as a man’s disease and women weren’t paying attention to the risk. When the American Heart Association (AHA) found that nearly 500,000 American women died from cardiovascular disease every year, they created Go Red For Women to fight for women’s health and awareness.

Go Red For Women aims to promote awareness of women’s heart health and save lives with the help of their symbolic red dress. Their logo, the red dress, was introduced in 2003 by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) when they collaborated with AHA to raise awareness of women’s heart disease.

Since its inception, Go Red For Women has helped more than 2 million women learn about their risk of developing heart disease by taking the Go Red Heart Check Up. Go Red has provided more than 200,000 healthcare provider offices with information on women’s heart disease. More than 900,000 women have joined Go Red’s initiatives to raise awareness.

Macy’s Promotion Of Go Red For Women

The red dress has inspired innovation and promoted awareness of women’s cardiovascular disease worldwide. Out of all the Go Red For Women’s sponsors, supporters and alliances, which include brands like CVS and Brita, Macy’s takes one of the most empowering approaches.

With a dedicated landing page on their site, Macy’s provides two main action items for interested consumers to take: get active lifestyle tips or shop to fight heart disease.

American Heart Association’s Effort For Women’s Heart Health Awareness go red

Macy’s Active Lifestyle Tips

Macy’s active lifestyle tips include simple ways to make daily life more active, like dancing while cleaning the house or working out while watching TV. Each follow suit with Go Red’s objective to keep American women healthy and at a lower risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Macy’s also encourages consumers to host their own runway walks in their living rooms while streaming the Red Dress Collection. This years’ New York Fashion Week show, hosted on February 7th and presented by Macy’s, features iconic red dresses to encourage heart health awareness and inspire fashion.

In addition, Macy’s promotes Go Red’s #GoRedGetFit community, where women can find fitness inspiration and heart-healthy recipes.

American Heart Association’s Effort For Women’s Heart Health Awareness go red

Macy’s Shop To Fight

When consumers select the option on Macy’s site to shop to fight heart disease, they are encouraged to make donations to Go Red For Women at their local Macy’s stores or purchase red dresses to raise awareness. Each year, Macy’s picks out one red dress to highlight for Wear Red Day. This year’s pick is a sleeveless Calvin Klein design. Macy’s will donate 10% of the purchase price of this dress to Go Red For Women.

Pairing a women’s fashion brand with a women’s health initiative almost seems like a match made in heaven. Macy’s investment in and support of Go Red For Women helps build a positive reputation for their brand while leveraging their following to promote women’s heart health awareness.

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