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Digital Coupons May Help CPG Brands With Consumer Awareness & Loyalty

May 15, 2019 Sarah Cavill

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Despite a seemingly bottomless well of shopping options offered out of the home and online, consumers still actively seek deals in the form of coupons, and many consumers are turning to digital coupon options. Digital coupons offer deals for consumers and opportunities for consumer packaged goods (CPG) and other categories of brands to increase their profile and revenue.

The Use Of Digital Coupons Is Growing In Popularity With Consumers

The 2K19 Valassis Coupon Intelligence Report focused on the wants and habits of the modern shopper. 92% of survey respondents use coupons, with 45% using them always or often and 86% asserting that coupons can influence their purchasing decisions. Of that 92%, 75% use paperless discounts, which may be found on coupon websites, manufacturer and company websites.

Other Reveals About Coupon Use

  • 88% of Millennials prefer paperless coupons versus 75% of all consumers, and coupons received on mobile devices or downloaded onto loyalty cards are more likely “to be used by parents, Millennial parents, Millennials and Gen Xers (in comparison to all consumers).”
  • 68% of all consumers surveyed visit coupon websites.
  • 62% of online grocery shoppers are frustrated when they can’t use coupons or discounts.
  • 69% of those surveyed decide where to shop based on where they can use paperless discounts (received on their smartphones, mobile devices or shopper/loyalty cards).
  • 71% of all consumers surveyed visit store websites for coupons, and 58% use stores’ mobile savings apps to help them choose where to shop.

Digital Coupons Can Provide Boost For CPG Brands

For CPG brands, the risk with using coupons is a reduced profit margin. But steep discounts can encourage consumers to pile more in their carts and can create brand loyalty from what consumers may consider good experiences. And, even if it’s a one-time trip, it’s better for them to spend money with your brand than someone else’s —assuming the coupon benefits are able to ultimately generate a positive profit margin.

Making coupons easily accessible though social media, coupon websites or corporate and manufacturer websites can act as magnets for brands, drawing consumers directly to your products. Coupons can also a create opportunities to upsell new or lesser-known items, or to create exclusivity. An additional marketing advantage of robust coupon strategies is tracking attribution, including where consumers originally make contact with coupons and what subsequent actions or activations consumers follow through on.

Consumers have a lot of shopping choices and are inclined to shop around for great deals. Setting your CPG brand apart with easily accessible digital coupons and discounts can be an effective revenue driver.

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