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TikTok X American Eagle Collaborate With Lil Wayne To Reach Younger Consumers

September 26, 2019 Sarah Cavill

A new campaign from American Eagle (AE) includes a beta test of TikTok’s latest ad unit, an in-feed video with badge. As part of a broader partnership with Lil Wayne who is collaborating on the AE x Young Money fall fashion collection, the new ad unit will send users to external retailers for purchases, a first for TikTok.

TikTok X American Eagle Hoping For Success With Hashtag Challenges

The TikTok x AE hashtag challenge – a clever way to drive user generated content (UGC) – has become a signature feature with TikTok partnerships, most recently with the NFL and Chipotle. According to Chipotle's press release, Chipotle’s #guacdance was “TikTok's highest performing branded challenge to run in the U.S. The campaign drove over 250,000 video submissions using the specific hashtag, resulting in nearly 430 million video starts during its six-day run on TikTok.”

American Eagle is likely hoping for similar results, urging TikTok users and American Eagle shoppers to post videos of themselves wearing American Eagle clothing and choose Lil Wayne’s single “Uproar” as their featured bop.

American Eagle Wants TikTok’s Teen Market

The collaboration with Lil Wayne is a part of American Eagle’s ongoing campaign to expand their shopper demographics. "This [partnership with Lil Wayne] is authentic because American Eagle customers are the kids of America. Our customers are Gen Z, and youth culture embodies creativity, individuality, and all kids love music," said Michael Goldberg, American Eagle's Creative Director. American Eagle’s activation with TikTok offers the clothing retailer massive outreach to teens, since TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps worldwide.

Commerce Grows With Social Media Apps And Gen Z Wields Buying Power

Retail Dive reports that the new TikTok ad unit being tested with American Eagle will include an “in-feed video with badge” directing users to external sites where they can make purchases. TikTok is one of several social apps toying with incorporating commerce into their strategic plans. Facebook announced that they are testing ad formats that support frictionless shopping options, and Pinterest introduced shoppable catalogs in June.

41% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24, aka Gen Z. Gen Z are engaged consumers with their own ideas about how they want to shop and use social. A smart marketing campaign that is deploying across social media platforms should consider TikTok an integral part of any planning that includes Gen Z, a generation who will increasingly be spending more money and have more influence.

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