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Turkish Airlines and The Lego Movie 2: How Did Co-Branding Work?

August 13, 2018 Victoria Pallien

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman in Turkish Airline’s new safety video. Batman, Wonder Woman and more Lego favorites star in this collaboration between the Turkish Airlines and The Lego Movie 2 teams.

Turkish Airlines hopped on the trend of entertaining flight safety videos by crafting this engaging video for grabbing flyers’ attention while on board. In the video, Lego movie star Emmett hops around the Turkish Airlines aircraft, made of more than 2 million Lego bricks, as he covers essential safety measures. By partnering with The Lego Movie franchise, Turkish Airlines aims to excite and educate flyers with bright visuals and catchy lyrics as they prepare for takeoff.

This co-branded video, which quickly garnered press attention, markets The Lego Movie 2 while promoting aircraft safety, making the content beneficial for both the movie franchise and Turkish Airlines.

As AdAge said, “If this doesn't get you to watch the safety video, we don't know what will.”

Reactions from individuals in our office:

It was fun. The focus on the Lego characters definitely grabbed my attention.

This video did a great job at interesting me with the Lego movie. I was entertained, interested and most importantly, informed by the Lego characters.

I was amused by the Lego characters and I almost forgot I was watching an aircraft safety video. Turkish Airlines succeeded at making an upbeat, flashy video.

Flashy and colorful marketing, like Turkish Airlines and The Lego Movie’s unlikely partnership, can excite and surprise loyal consumers. Try to find the perfect balance of fresh, compelling visuals and your brand’s message.

Curious to see how other unlikely marketing pairings can result in success? Take a look at Unlikely Pairings: 6 Brands, 3 Partnerships, Surprising Success.

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