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Finding Prospective Students for Niche Programs

DMS Success Story:

Analyzing Inquiry Sources and Utilizing Targeting Capabilities for Increased High-Quality Volume 


A school with a full range of program offerings for associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees was struggling to find prospective students, specifically for technology and engineering programs.


Digital Media Solutions (DMS) needed to boost high-quality volume for specific programs without negatively impacting the rest of the enrollment marketing campaign.

DMS Solution

Sparkroom performance marketing technology was integrated with the school’s customer relationship management (CRM) software and student information system (SIS). This created the visibility of integrated, historic and real-time enrollment campaign data and performance metrics, allowing the DMS marketing analytics team to evaluate the past three years of performance data.

Our team produced:

  • A heat map of inquiry and start data
  • An analysis of performance by campus, program and media source

Working with the marketing analytics team, DMS media strategists used industry data to identify inquiry sources that would produce high-quality technology and engineering student prospects. Inquiry sources that were high performers for other programs, but not for technology and/or engineering, were also identified. Because Sparkroom targeting capabilities allow media buying by source, campus or program group, the sourcing and purchasing of only desired inquiries was possible. This allowed qualified traffic to continue if a source performed well for other programs while removing it as a source for technology or engineering programs, as appropriate.

Pinpointing Success with Heat Maps

The DMS marketing analytics team utilizes heat maps to identify and visualize the geo-locations of inquiries (blue dots), enrolls (yellow dots) and starts (red dots). This is the first step in strategic geotargeting to enhance the performance of a campaign.



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