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Improving Conversions Through Email Re-Engagement

DMS Success Story:

Utilizing Automated Email Campaigns to Reignite Prospect Interest 


A well-known, brand wanted to increase their enrollments and conversion yield by re-engaging old prospects. These stale inquiries had requested information within the past two years, but never became customers. 


Digital Media Solutions (DMS) was challenged with re-engaging these unconverted leads to drive new conversions while keeping the cost per conversion below target. 

DMS Solution

The DMS team utilized its best practices and email marketing experience to create a one-track, five-stage automated email nurturing campaign to reignite prospects’ interest and bring them back into the conversion funnel. Using a combination of proprietary software (Sparkroom) and an integration with IBM’s Silverpop ESP platform, Digital Media Solutions delivered timely and relevant branded content to target old prospects, providing:

- Automated, time-triggered emails

- Click-to-call buttons that render during business hours

- Real-time, personalized content

- Mobile-responsive email templates


The email marketing campaign substantially exceeded client target acquisition goals. 

Approximately 1.9% of the prospects re-inquired. Of those that re-inquired, 1% of prospects became customers at a cost per conversion that was 69% below our target.

Of the new customers, 40% re-inquired directly through the campaign landing page, while the remaining 60% came through at least one alternate channel, including the brand's website, other landing pages and third-party vendors.

These results  demonstrate how last-click attribution captures only a small portion of total digital campaign performance.

Want to improve conversions through email re-engagement? Contact DMS to get started.


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Digital Media Solutions, LLC (DMS), the largest single entry point for scalable and reliable, martech-enabled digital marketing solutions, deploys a robust database of consumer intelligence and leverages massive proprietary media distribution to provide customer acquisition campaigns that grow businesses, offer visibility into the customer experience and provide accountability for every media dollar spent. DMS continues to experience explosive year-over-year growth, with continuous recognition on the Inc. 5000 list, securing its sixth consecutive ranking in 2019, and the Entrepreneur magazine 360 list. Named one of America’s “Best Places to Work” by Inc. magazine and awarded the 2018 Excellence in Lead Generation Award by the LeadsCouncil, DMS brings together some of the industry’s most knowledgeable people, efficient processes and sophisticated technology across the digital marketing spectrum.

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