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Optimizing Media Mix To Drive High-Quality Prospects

DMS Success Story:

Utilizing Internal Sources To Scale And Optimize Qualified Job Prospects


ride-share driver

A large on-demand transportation company providing ride-hailing services in metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. was looking to scale qualified drivers in specific zip codes. Prospective drivers must pass background checks in order to be considered qualified.


Digital Media Solutions (DMS) was tasked with generating a significant volume of qualified prospective drivers within the client’s geo-targeted areas, while meeting the client’s aggressive cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goals.

DMS Solution

To generate a reliable flow of quality prospects, DMS implemented a diverse media mix including fully vetted geo-targeted calls and hosting ads and links to the client’s offer via DMS owned-and-operated websites and third-party affiliate sites.

After several months of running the campaign, the CPA was higher than the client’s goal range. The DMS team examined data sources and removed third-party affiliates and call centers, which were underperforming and driving up the CPA. The client’s offer was added to additional DMS owned-and-operated websites to make up for the lost volume. The team also updated qualifying questions to provide the potential drivers most likely to pass background checks to the client.


After removing underperforming data sources, the client saw an immediate impact. Within one month of making the optimizations, the DMS campaign was meeting both the client’s volume goals and CPA goals. The success of the optimization prompted the client to allocate additional budget to the DMS campaign to continue to scale qualified prospective drivers.

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