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DMS Success Story: Leveraging DMS Data And Expertise To Drive High-Intent Disability Insurance Prospects


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A law firm specializing in the needs of the elderly and disabled was looking to scale qualified applicants seeking legal help to obtain their Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The firm wanted to reach prospects who met very specific criteria. Potential applicants had to be between the ages of 50 and 64, unable to work due to disabilities, out of work for five of the past ten years and seeing doctors regularly.


Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) was tasked with generating interested prospects expecting to hear from the law firm, with the goal of keeping the cost per customer acquisition under $175. The DMS team of performance marketing experts needed to ensure they were reaching a highly targeted audience that would meet the law firm’s precise qualification criteria. At the campaign onset, DMS could provide a set quantity of potential applicants a month, with the possibility of higher volume in the future if the law firm was pleased with the lead quality.

DMS Solution

The DMS team utilized historical data to build custom audiences for social and paid search targeting, driving traffic to a disability-focused DMS owned-and-operated website. The team also added more campaign-specific targeted questions to the website to ensure that only prospects who met all criteria were passed on to the law firm for follow up.


By leveraging internal data and expertise, DMS beat the client’s cost per customer acquisition goal. The law firm was pleased with the DMS lead quality and efficiency. Eager for more volume from DMS, the law firm increased the DMS monthly allocation by 150%.

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