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DMS Success Story: Testing And Iterating Creative And Placements To Engage Retail Consumers

DMS Success Story: Leveraging DMS Expertise To Scale Interested Prospects Via CRM List Building

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A large, international clothing retailer was looking to scale new email subscribers. They wanted to grow their CRM list to email discounts and offers intended to drive sales and engage their consumer base.


Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) was tasked with generating net-new email subscribers for the retailer at significant scale. The DMS team needed to find the appropriate owned-and-operated and premium publisher websites and creative to showcase the retailer’s offer in order to generate new opted-in contacts. The retailer’s goal was to achieve an average open rate of 20% or higher on a series of seven introductory emails they would be sending to new contacts. 

DMS Solution

The DMS team of performance marketing experts tested various sources, carefully reviewing the weekly email reporting provided by the retailer, increasing allocation to publishers that were performing well and removing publishers that were struggling to reach the goal open rate. DMS also tested different offer headlines and images during the email registration process to determine which creative variations produced the most engaged new subscribers.


The DMS team delivered more than 75,000 new email subscribers to the retailer. Due to the team’s ongoing optimizations, DMS exceeded the client’s goal with a 36.6% open rate on new email subscribers within one month of launching the campaign, opening the door for increased monthly allocation to DMS in the future.

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Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) designs targeted solutions to address the vast digital marketing universe with industry-leading digital marketing capabilities, owned-and-operated domains and partner relationships that combine to provide engagement opportunities for all consumer segments.

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