DMS Success Story: Balancing Share of Program Volume

DMS Success Story:

Implementing a Secondary Radius for Targeted Growth


A higher education institution with a number of regional campuses and a wide variety of programs was looking to boost enrollment volume for a growing, hands-on program while scaling back slightly on a slowing program that had significant competition for each student.


Adjust the marketing campaign to push volume for the growing, hands-on program without increasing the cost per inquiry (CPI) or impacting the start rate of other programs.

DMS Solution

The DMS team knew they needed increased exposure from vendors – especially the larger vendors on the campaign – in order to boost inquiry volume. But without a CPI increase, the team would have to make it easy for the vendors to support their initiative. After a review of historical success rates, a secondary, larger geo-targeting radius was defined. This expanded radius would allow for the inflow of incremental inquiry volume from geographies that were proven to convert for the school in the past.

Form post instructions (FPIs) maintained the standard radius for the majority of programs but added the secondary, expanded radius for the hands-on program the school was trying to grow. Updated FPIs were sent to a handful of vendors with strong conversion rates, and campaign targets were updated within the Sparkroom performance marketing technology to allow only for the specified intake of inquiries within the expanded target. If inquiries from the secondary radius were received for other programs, they were instantly rejected by Sparkroom.


With no change in CPI, inquiry volume for the growing, hands-on program was up 68.6% for the four months post-implementation of the secondary radius in comparison to the four months prior. As a result, the start volume was up 19.4%. Because campaign funds were shifted toward this program to fund the larger radius, inquiry volume for the slowing program was down 10-15% at each campus during this same period.

Strategic Planning Notes

A secondary radius is an effective strategic solution for long-term campaign challenges. If used repeatedly as a short-term volume adjustment strategy, the management of additional radii may become a challenge for vendors, especially for low-volume programs.

A lowered start rate may result from an expanded radius. Therefore, this solution is only appropriate if the start rate and cost per start (CPS) are surpassing requirements and can take a minor hit to support volume increases.  

Looking to implement a secondary radius for targeted growth? Contact DMS to get started.

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