DMS Success Story: Leveraging Email Expertise To Quickly Drive High-Intent Weight Loss Subscribers

February 16, 2021 Digital Media Solutions

Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) is an industry leader in helping brands acquire new customers with personalized and strategic, targeted email campaigns at significant scale.

Our Industry-Leading Process

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When a leading weight loss app engaged DMS to generate new subscribers for its nutrition and exercise coaching services with a 14-day $1 trial offer, the DMS digital performance advertising experts leveraged their proprietary email capabilities and media vendor network breadth to quickly drive high-intent, targeted weight loss subscribers.

  • Planning & Analysis: The DMS team performed a comprehensive analysis across their network to determine which media vendors would fit best for the targeted email campaign. They selected top publishers that had proven success with the app provider’s ideal target audience: consumers interested in weight loss, particularly millennial females over 25.
  • Strategic Implementation & Scaling: The DMS team worked closely with the selected media vendors to meet the client’s needs, capitalizing on spikes in consumer weight loss intent at the start of the new year.
  • Optimization: The digital performance advertising experts at DMS performed regular and thorough performance audits, closely monitoring media vendor performance to continue to scale top-performing publishers. The DMS team worked closely with media vendors to test and optimize target mailing lists, subject lines, creative and copy to continue to drive conversions for the weight loss app’s $1 trial offer.

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Unparalleled Results

By leveraging their vast media vendor network breadth, conversion-focused creative, strategic targeting and data-driven optimizations, the DMS email experts acted quickly and nimbly to produce successful results, driving nearly 20,000 net-new subscribers for the weight loss app in less than two months.

Are You Looking To Scale New Subscribers?

Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) helps advertisers connect with new subscribers with personalized and strategic, targeted email messaging campaigns at significant scale. By designing targeted solutions to address the vast digital advertising universe with industry-leading, performance-driven brand and marketplace solutions, our customer acquisition solutions deliver enough impact to significantly move the needle.

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