Aimtell Success Story: Leveraging Push Notifications To Engage Readers & Generate Substantial Monthly Clicks

May 28, 2021 Briana Barkett

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News organizations seeking increased website traffic can leverage web push notifications to engage readers and enhance article view metrics. A recent analysis of one such news platform that utilizes the push notification technology Aimtell (recently acquired by Digital Media Solutions) revealed great success in scaling clicks and overall subscriber count.  

Strong Results After Just 30 Days Of Push Marketing

Covering both domestic and international news, the news site analyzed has developed a substantial subscriber base. In the span of 30 days, this site added more than 370,000 new subscribers, received more than 1.5 million notification clicks and generated an average click-through rate (CTR) of 2.1%. By utilizing web push notifications, the site was able to drive a growing stream of traffic to recent news articles. A combination of broad and targeted push notification campaigns kept subscribers engaged and traffic levels to the website high.   

Segmented & Broad Push Marketing Campaigns Maximize Exposure & CTRs

A strategy consisting of manual one-time pushes and automated RSS feed campaigns helped the analyzed news site effectively share their content with their audience. A combination of broad and segmented campaigns maximized exposure, while also engaging targeted audiences with content they were likely to engage with based on their prior on-site behavior.

Automated Push RSS Campaigns Keep Traffic Regularly Flowing On-Site

Two unique RSS feed campaigns, which allow advertisers to share RSS feed content with push subscribers automatically, helped increase daily website traffic and article views. One campaign delivered breaking news content to all subscribers. With more than 20 million notification clicks and a 2.69% CTR, this campaign produced a steady stream of daily traffic to the news website over the course of over a year, with thousands of clicks logged daily. 

The second RSS feed campaign had a more targeted focus, driving visitors to video news updates. This campaign deployed to a segmented audience of users who watched other video content previously and helped increase awareness of the new site’s video content.

Combining both broad and segmented RSS campaigns provided different opportunities for the news site to engage readers. Both campaigns helped increase the news site’s traffic and content views.   

Manual Campaigns Cover Breaking News And Topics With Broad Appeal 

Several manual campaigns deployed by this news site achieved high CTRs and resulted in website traffic to specific pieces of featured content.   

One campaign covering the pandemic resulted in a 4.6% CTR. As a topic with broad appeal, a non-segmented campaign was determined to be the right decision to maximize results and help keep all subscribers informed on an important, timely subject. 

Similarly, a breaking news alert following an earthquake was delivered to all subscribers and received a strong 4.96% CTR. Breaking news content has a shorter lifespan and is typically most effective when viewed immediately. Push marketing allows advertisers to connect with audiences instantly and provide subscribers with timely content.

This news organization successfully scaled its push subscriber count and notification clicks through a series of RSS and manual web push notification campaigns. A combination of both segmented and broad campaigns proved to be a beneficial strategy for this news site to maximize exposure and traffic, while also sending more targeted campaigns as needed to engage specific segments of their overall audience.

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