Sparkroom Success Story: Implementing a Reliable LMS and Real-Time Marketing Analytics

Sparkroom Success Story:

Setting Up for Rapid Admissions Growth with Implementation of Technology for Lead Management, Marketing Automation and Campaign Analysis 


Faced with rapid growth in their inquiry volume and mounting pressure to improve efficiency and optimize their marketing spend, a large higher education institution with multiple campuses realized they needed to find a new technology solution. 


The higher education institution operated in a competitive market in which inquiry response time was critical. After experiencing costly system outages from their former lead management system (LMS), the decision was made to look for an inquiry management platform that could offer more robust and reliable performance plus real-time data insights and improved analysis.

DMS Solution

Sparkroom performance marketing technology was selected for its reliable data capture and routing in addition to its real-time reporting and in-depth, customizable analysis tools. 

"It was clear to us that Sparkroom was not only robust and scalable, it also offered greater analytics than any other product in the marketplace. The dashboards and web-based pivot analysis allow us to answer any question, providing us with an enormous amount of control. Since we deployed it, Sparkroom has become our primary day-to-day platform for managing the performance of our marketing activities."
― Sparkroom Client

Sparkroom captures inquiries from all of the higher education institution's online sources, performs screening to flag invalid or duplicate inquiries and delivers leads in real time to the school's internal systems. Sparkroom also provides real-time dashboards and slice-and-dice capabilities that enable the school to measure performance across a broad number of dimensions including source, campaign, admissions team, geography, program, campus and student demographics.


Sparkroom technology empowered the key business leaders of the higher education institution, enabling them to turn data into actionable business intelligence. With the help of Sparkroom, the institution was able to:

  • Increase inquiry volume without adding additional resources
  • Dramatically improve their inquiry scrubbing and refund rates
  • Gain much deeper insight into their marketing activities

The full lifecycle reporting capability of Sparkroom technology also freed up key management staff at the higher education institution, allowing them to focus on strategic issues. 

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