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DMS Success Story: Boosting High-Quality Inquiry Volume

DMS Success Story:

The Use of Targeted Display to Lift Cross-Channel Inquiry Generation Efforts


A regional brand  wanted to boost their customer acquisition volume without the typical waste that comes from an overall increase in an inquiry generation budget. 


Digital Media Solutions (DMS) was challenged with developing a customized, targeted display campaign that identified and reached consumers that “looked like” existing customers with the intention of boosting inquiry volume from that group and establishing the means to track the attribution of these efforts.

DMS Solution

  • Defining the target audience: The DMS team segmented the brand’s existing inquiry database to find the inquiry groups that were most likely to become customers. The segments that were identified had an average conversion rate of 4.20% compared to the brand’s overall average 3.78% conversion rate—representing a lift of 11.09%. DMS then worked with a third-party data management platform (DMP), indexing attribute data points to identify people who matched the profiles of those who had previously become customers.
  • Reaching the target audience: The defined target audience was matched against the tracking cookies of a third party. Display ads were then presented to half of the target group (test group A) and were not presented to the other half of the group (test group B).
  • Analyzing the campaign performance: All inquiry and conversion data, including sources, was stored within Sparkroom performance marketing technology. Through a manual offline process, this data was compared to the media buying and distribution data to match conversions to the initial audience cookie pool.


Three months after campaign launch, the brand's inquiry data was analyzed against the third-party targeting data and a clear lift in inquiry volume was seen for test group A (the group that saw the display ads). 

  • Inquiries from test group A: 2,241
  • Inquiries from test group B: 1,691

The 32.53% inquiry rate lift for test group A proved the success of using targeted display to create a lift in the volume of desirable, high-quality inquiries that have an increased likelihood of converting.


Do you need to increase your lead volume with high-quality, high-intent prospects? Team DMS can help. Contact us today.

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