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DMS Success Story: Calculating Intent to Increase Efficiency

DMS Success Story:

Combining School and Jornaya Data to Develop an Actionable Intent Score 


A regional higher education institution offering programs in technology, health science, business, nursing and more was looking to boost the efficiency of their marketing and admissions team efforts.


Digital Media Solutions (DMS) needed to tie front-end Jornaya consumer behavior data to student acquisition results to develop a scoring system that incorporated the right data points to predict customer intent.


Incorporating Jornaya Data: Digital Media Solutions (DMS) began gathering Jornaya data for the institution. Jornaya behavioral data, witnessed during lead generation, has been proven as a  predictor of intent within the education industry. The Jornaya software leverages a unique set of behavioral and in-market inputs that it witnesses across more than 15,000 web properties. These inputs include more than 100 individual data points, such as how long the prospective student spent filling out the lead form, how many lead forms he/she filled out, the content the prospect saw, his/her engagement with that content and more. Sparkroom performance marketing technology typically captures 15 to 25 Jornaya attributes with each record, and each of those fields can have as many as hundreds of possible responses.

Identifying the Most Useful Data Points to Develop a Prospect Intent Score: By analyzing the Jornaya data points against school-provided student acquisition data, the DMS team tested various combinations of attributes and quality thresholds to pinpoint a core group of attributes that helped identify prospects with a higher level of intent than others. Some of the most helpful attributes described the age of an inquiry at the time of submission and the number of schools that received an inquiry from the same individual within the previous seven days. These Jornaya attributes were combined to create an “intent” score able to predict acquisition results.

Boosting Efficiency with the Intent Score: After the intent scoring model was developed, Sparkroom was customized for the school to calculate the cumulative intent score and reject leads from prospects with low intent scores—all in real time. This allowed the higher education institution to divert their admissions resources toward prospects with a higher propensity to enroll, improving their marketing costs per acquisition as a result. In addition, vendors received real-time notifications for every lead that was rejected, allowing them to review their sub-channel performance and optimize their campaigns to deliver more high-quality leads.

Planning for Future Optimizations: In addition to the intent score, Sparkroom continued to capture individual Jornaya behavioral attributes. This allowed us to continually monitor results and modify the logic as needed. 


Almost immediately, our pilot intent-scoring campaign was seeing strong results.

By rejecting inquiries that did not meet standards, the custom intent score developed on behalf of this higher education institution delivered a strong and immediate ROI. 

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