Digital Media Solutions Expands Distribution With Rebrand Of W4 To DMS Performance Ad Market

February 5, 2020 Digital Media Solutions

Clearwater, FL – February 5, 2020 – Digital Media Solutions (DMS), the largest single entry point for martech-enabled digital media distribution, announced that W4 Performance Ad MarketTM has rebranded to DMS Performance Ad MarketTM. This rebrand is part of the massive media distribution expansion on behalf of DMS that began in 2018 when the W4 assets were acquired by DMS.

DMS Performance Ad Market intelligently distributes marketing campaigns through an expansive network of publishers across multiple online channels while providing the technology, testing, analytics, process, experience and people-power to help leading brands achieve their campaign goals profitably. Leading the charge on each DMS Performance Ad Market initiative is Amber Paul, SVP of Distribution, Chris Pink, SVP of Sales and Lily Trevisanut, SVP of Operations.

“The rebrand of W4 Performance Ad Market to DMS Performance Ad Market is an illustration of the globalization efforts happening within DMS,” explained DMS CEO Joe Marinucci. “DMS has expanded quickly, and 2019 was a story of identifying and leveraging efficiencies. The result is an immense, yet streamlined people-based marketing system that top consumer brands are leveraging to massively scale their customer acquisition efforts.”

Digital Media Solutions, inclusive of DMS Performance Ad Market, offers the largest entry point for scalable and reliable people-based marketing solutions. Deploying a robust database of consumer intelligence and its massive proprietary media inventory, DMS provides customer acquisition campaigns that grow businesses, offer visibility into the customer experience and provide accountability for every media dollar spent.

Sophisticated, proprietary technology was procured by DMS as part of the 2018 acquisition of W4 assets. Rebranded to DMS TRAX, the technology is an end-to-end platform that now connects and tracks DMS performance marketing data and call campaigns, offering valuable insight into consumer behaviors and campaign performance. DMS TRAX capabilities include cookie-less tracking, real-time matching and source-level tracking, robust filtering and distribution rules and easy-to-use tools for advertisers and publishers. 

Since the acquisition of W4 in 2018, DMS has continued to see explosive growth. Most recently, DMS announced its expansion into the insurance vertical with the acquisition of San Diego-based insurtech company UE.co, rebranded to DMS InsuranceTM. DMS Insurance, inclusive of ZipQuoteTM and the Comanche click platform, is supporting the digital performance marketing needs of the nation’s largest insurers and their respective agent pools. DMS Insurance launched into the market as a key player within the digital insurance advertising marketplace thanks to its comprehensive suite of products that connect high-intent consumers with our nation’s largest auto, home, health and life insurance providers. 

About Digital Media Solutions®

Digital Media Solutions, LLC (DMS), the largest single entry point for scalable and reliable, martech-enabled digital marketing solutions, deploys a robust database of consumer intelligence and leverages massive proprietary media distribution to provide customer acquisition campaigns that grow businesses, offer visibility into the customer experience and provide accountability for every media dollar spent. DMS continues to experience explosive year-over-year growth, with continuous recognition on the Inc. 5000 list, securing its sixth consecutive ranking in 2019, and the Entrepreneur magazine 360 list. Named one of America’s “Best Places to Work” by Inc. magazine and awarded the Excellence in Lead Generation Award by the LeadsCouncil, DMS brings together some of the industry’s most knowledgeable people, efficient processes and sophisticated technology across the digital marketing spectrum. For more information about DMS, visit digitalmediasolutions.com. Keep up with DMS news at insights.digitalmediasolutions.com and connect with us on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/digital-media-solutions-group.

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Digital Media Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: DMS) is a leading provider of technology-enabled digital performance advertising solutions connecting consumers and advertisers within auto, home, health and life insurance plus a long list of top consumer verticals. The DMS first-party data asset, proprietary advertising technology, significant proprietary media distribution and data-driven processes help digital advertising clients de-risk their advertising spend while scaling their customer bases. Learn more at https://digitalmediasolutions.com.

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