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Amazon Moments Rewards Program: Just The Facts

February 28, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Earlier this month, Amazon launched Amazon Moments, a marketing rewards program on a cost-per-action (CPA) model that works intuitively for branded apps and similar platforms.

What Is Amazon Moments?

Amazon Moments is an automated platform that gives publishers a way to deliver products from their ecommerce stores to their audiences, easily managing promotions across the web. The platform offers help with budgeting, campaign timelines and rewards, as Forbes notes, making it a holistic solution for many apps.

How Does Amazon Moments Work?

amazon moments

Amazon Moments takes care of shipping and delivery for brands, simplifying the gifting process.

If an audio book company gifts a consumer a pair of headphones for listening to 30 hours of audibles, Amazon delivers the free headphones to the consumer, as long as he or she has an Amazon account.

Head of Marketing and Consumer Innovation at Amazon, Amir Kabbara said, “Marketers only pay when an action happens.” According to Amazon, pricing varies based on volume.

Why Did Amazon Launch Amazon Moments?

With Moments, Amazon has enhanced their opportunity to create reliable relationships with publishers and gain traction in the app advertising industry. Ad Age reported that the app marketing space is expected to reach $64 billion by next year. Amazon’s recent jump into the industry may help them earn their piece of that market as advertising becomes an increasingly profitable element of Amazon’s business.

How Can Amazon Moments Help Digital Marketers?

amazon moments digital marketers

Amazon acknowledged that Bell Canada, Bravo, the Washington Post, TikTok, USA Today, Sago Mini, Sesame Workshop and Sony Crackle were the first brands to test the product. Marketers from these brands expressed positive results from Moments campaigns.

Sesame Workshop’s Senior Director of Business Development Lili Lampasona said, “With Moments, we were able to connect our digital ebook offerings with our IAP offers to drive deeper engagement across the Sesame Street branded experience. It was seamless across iOS, Android and Fire OS and increased net revenue by 16%.”

Amazon also noted, “An entertainment app and website increased their average daily users by 291% and their daily chat messages by 79%.”

By implementing Amazon Moments, marketers can amp up their retention strategies. But marketers should also consider the impact of providing Amazon with their consumer data.

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