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Apple’s Announcement: Entertainment, News And Finances Reimagined

March 26, 2019 Victoria Pallien

The long awaited Apple announcement came last night and revealed four new Apple products for consumers to gush over: Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade and Apple Card.

Apple TV+

As described by Apple, Apple TV+ is a “new streaming service where the most creative minds in TV and film tell the kinds of stories only they can.” Apple TV+ will offer unique and original content in every genre and will be available this coming fall. A subscription will be required, though Apple has not yet disclosed a price.

Tim Cook, CEO at Apple, said, “Our vision for [the] Apple TV App is to bring together your favorite shows, movies, sport and news, and make them available on all of your devices, so you can spend less time looking for something to watch and more time enjoying it.”

Peter Stern, Vice President of Services at Apple, explained that the new Apple TV+ allows users to only pay for what they want, avoiding large bundles with unused features. Apple TV+ will be an all-in-one app usable online or offline offered on-demand with ad-free streaming. With Family Sharing, up to six users can share an Apple TV+ subscription. Apple TV+ will allow access to movies and channels from other streaming services and cable subscriptions. Apple TV+ is also collaborating with Oprah for extra offerings for users. This service puts users’ favorite shows, movies and game footage all in one place for a more intuitive viewing experience.

Apple TV+ eliminates app switching and allows for curated interest lists, making personalized suggestions for users to help them find new shows they’ll love. Cindy Lynn, Director of Program Management at Apple said, “When I want to watch something new, this is where the app really helps me out. It’s always getting smarter about what I like. The recommendations are personalized just for me.”

apple news+

Apple News+

“We wanted to create the best magazine reading experience ever for a mobile device,” said Roger Rosner, Vice President of Applications at Apple. The new Apple News+ service will bring all of consumers’ favorite publications onto one platform. Apple News+ includes numerous magazines in categories like business and politics, style and beauty, food, sports, travel and regional, entertainment, science and tech and online publications.

Apple News+ is immediately available for Apple users, and family sharing allows one subscription to be used by six family members. In addition to the standard Apple News, Apple News+ subscription service, which costs $9.99 per month, offers hundreds of newspapers, cover-to-cover magazines and online and offline reading across devices.

Apple Arcade

apple arcade

Cook said, “The App Store has become the essential destination to discover new apps, to learn more about the apps you already have or just to meet the developers behind them. It’s no wonder that the App Store is now visited by over a half a billion people each week.” Cook later explained that games are the most popular downloads from the App Store. “In fact, iOS has become the largest gaming platform in the world.” So coming this fall, Apple Arcade will introduce “games that refine games.”

Ann Thai, Senior Product Marketing Manager of the Apple App Store, said, “Apple Arcade is the world’s first game subscription service for mobile, desktop and living room.” The subscription fee was not disclosed. The Apple Arcade will offer more than 100 new games for subscribed users. The Arcade will be accessible offline, will be committed to user privacy and won’t display ads or provoke in-app purchases. Plus, an Apple Arcade subscription can be utilized by up to six family members.

Apple Card

apple card

Built on Apple’s values of simplicity and transparency, the Apple Card intends to give consumers easy applications, low interest rates and an intuitive rewards program. It comes with no fees and is secure. Jennifer Bailey, Vice President of Apple Pay, said, “With Apple Card, we have completely rethought the credit card. A new kind of card that takes advantage of everything iPhone offers is designed for a healthier financial life and sets a new level for privacy and security.”

With the Apple Card comes an updated iPhone Wallet app, where the Apple Card information will be stored. Within the Wallet, users will now be able to see how much they owe to their Apple Card, what they spend and when payments are due. With Apple Card, users can make informed financial decisions. Using Apple’s interest calculator, also available in the Wallet app, users can calculate payments that allow them to pay the least interest possible.

The Apple Card, created in partnership with Goldman Sachs, is accepted at any location that already accepts Apple Pay, which Apple expects to be across more than 40 countries by the end of 2019. If a shop doesn’t accept Apple Pay, users can use their physical titanium, laser-etched Apple Cards.

As Apple introduces more services for consumers to integrate into their everyday lives, it seems the brand is aiming to be the one-stop shop for all things entertainment and communication — and now financial.

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