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DTC & Subscription Brands Matched Consumer Needs In 2020

December 29, 2020 Carolyn Harding

In early 2020, indoor dining, group gatherings, national events, in-person shopping and so much more were uprooted because of stay-at-home orders, with many of these common activities transitioning to virtual initiatives and safe and seamless delivery systems. While many industries struggled to navigate the new normal, direct-to-consumer (DTC) and subscription brands leveraged the opportunity to connect with audiences through convenient offerings that made 2020 just a little easier on consumers.

DTC & Subscription Brands Appealed To Consumers During 2020 Thanks To The Convenience & Predictability They Provided  

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Whether it was through meal kit deliveries, online fitness classes or at-home educational materials, the demand for convenient subscription and DTC options that reflected consumers’ newly formed habits hit new heights in 2020. Consumers quickly responded to innovative DTC and subscription offerings in a positive way, thanks to the personalized and direct access they provided. As a result, subscription and DTC brands flourished while connecting with larger audiences by continuously creating innovative services and offerings, developing seamless user experiences and leveraging engaging advertising tactics.

The benefits to subscription and DTC services remain clear, as they offer value, predictability and convenience during a time when those factors are at the top of consumers’ must-have lists. The sections below summarize previously published DMS Insights articles about DTC and subscription advertising news in 2020.

Subscription Boxes Experience Growth Amidst Coronavirus

Subscription box brands across industries responded to increased demand during the pandemic, as consumers were quarantined at home and sought out convenient, seamless shopping experiences. With a subscription impact report revealing more than 22% of companies saw subscriber acquisition rates grow, DTC and subscription advertisers quickly adjusted their strategies to remain flexible and understanding, using the unique time that was 2020 to establish long-term buyer connections.

4 DTC Brands From The IAB ‘Brands To Watch’ That Continue To Disrupt The Status Quo

Spotlighting four of the top DTC brands leveraging new innovations in digital advertising, the IAB called out notable trends influencing the DTC space in 2020. From the importance of social media to the benefits of acquiring good data, and the influence of women on DTC, the DTC sector continues to evolve, innovate and capitalize on consumer trends to move the industry forward.

DTC Contacts & Glasses Brands Survive & Thrive Amidst Increased WFH

1-800 Contacts, Liingo and Fitz Frames were among the DTC contacts and glasses brands that utilized multichannel digital advertising and innovative ideas to connect with consumers during 2020. Each of these digitally native businesses offered consumers an easy and personalized option to an essential item.

In-Home Fitness Brands See Opportunities To Grow Subscriber Bases During Quarantine

As stay-at-home restrictions persisted this year, consumers sought out new ways to fill their physical exercise needs, without the traditional gym membership. As a result, several fitness brands took their offerings online, launching live-streams, pre-recorded classes, YouTube channels and more. The ability to quickly pivot allowed fitness brands to reach new consumers and establish loyalty among current customers.

For more on the latest trends, tips and strategies surrounding the growing health, wellness and fitness industries, check out the Health & Wellness Check-Up: Consumer Values In 2020 ebook from DMS. 

Coffee (At Home) Wars: Battle Of The Quarantine-Friendly Brews

As consumers stocked up on necessities early in the pandemic, major coffee brands battled for customer loyalty. Launching refreshed brand identities, product discounts and virtual campaigns, at-home coffee brands like Folgers, Keurig and Trade got creative in their advertising strategies in order to remain must-have brands in the eyes of consumers.

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