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Billie Wants Women To Take Part In Movember

November 19, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

Men growing out their mustaches in November is becoming an anticipated autumn tradition, like the first sip of a pumpkin spice latte or awaiting the colorful fall foliage. This November, direct-to-consumer shaving brand, Billie, is shaking things up and inviting women to take part in Movember.

Billie Is Disrupting The Women’s Razor Market

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Billie is a direct-to-consumer (DTC) shaving subscription service specifically designed for women, who are underserved in the razor category and often unfairly charged more. Most shaving companies are created for men, or spun out of a men’s brand. Launched in 2017, Billie aims to fight the pink tax, which upcharges women for personal care products, and therefore the company prices its razors in line with men’s razors.

Utilizing attention grabbing marketing campaigns that portray realistic images of women and body hair, Billie is challenging outdated beauty standards. The DTC razor company was the first brand to ever depict actual body hair in a women’s razor ad, and in an effort to shake up how the shaving industry portrays women, Billie asked women to send in pictures of their own body hair. The campaign was a huge success: 22 million women have viewed, shared and commented on Billie’s body hair campaign.

Billie Targets Women This Movember

While Billie’s primary demographic is women, the brand is capitalizing on the male-focused Movember, and spreading the message that women shouldn't feel ashamed of their facial hair. Billie’s Movember campaign launched a first-of-its-kind video on Billie’s YouTube channel that celebrates women having “staches.” The campaign message focuses on reversing the perceived taboo of women’s upper lip facial hair.

Billie’s Marketing Is Turning Heads

As an unapologetic female-first razor company in the male-dominated razor category, Billie distinguishes itself as a socially conscious brand that is offering equality for women seeking razors equal in price and quality to men’s razors. The Billie advertising campaigns showcase equality with messages that are shaking up beauty standards and challenging traditional shaving ads that do not show realistic depictions of women. As a direct-to-consumer razor subscription service that relies heavily on social media to raise brand awareness, Billie’s ad campaigns featuring real women with body hair have increased the brand’s visibility and create a niche in the larger shaving category.

Billie smartly capitalized on Movember, an event that is typically male, and made it relevant to their brand and gained attention on social media and its own YouTube channel. Additionally, Billie is encouraging women to help fundraise for men’s health, by agreeing to match 100% of contributions to its Team Billie Movember campaign, up to $50,000.

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