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From the Mailbox to the Store: Birchbox Partners with Walgreens

January 9, 2019 Victoria Pallien

As the subscription box business expands and sees success, Birchbox, the original beauty box, forges a new path for growth. In an effort to reach more individuals within their ideal audience, Birchbox is partnering with drugstore brand Walgreens.

Birchbox Meets Its Ideal Consumers Where They Are

birchbox consumers

Birchbox’s mission is to help busy women – whom they call casual beauty consumers –find helpful beauty products by doing the hard research for them. Through Birchbox’s trial-sized products, consumers can try out a new brand or product before committing with a purchase of a full-sized bottle. Birchbox’s ideal consumers are individuals interested, but not invested, in beauty products.

Initially launching in 11 Walgreens and Duane Reade locations in New York, California, Minnesota, Illinois, Florida and Texas by early 2019, Birchbox is ready to embrace retail shoppers. Birchbox brings higher-end brands like Sand & Sky, Beauty Protector and LOC to Walgreens stores and gives the beauty aisle a makeover along the way.


Birchbox’s prestige brands and chic setups within Walgreens help consumers feel confident about their purchases as they test and swatch products at the makeup stations available. These stations are an answer to consumer interest in interactive brand experiences. As consumers crave something more memorable and experiential, brands like Birchbox deliver with pop-up shops, exhibitions or, in this case, expansions to local drug stores, meeting hungry consumers where they already are. Consumers can also subscribe to the traditional monthly Birchbox product at Walgreens.

Katia Beauchamp, Birchbox’s CEO and Co-Founder, believes drug store consumers will warm up to higher price tags when products come with an easy introduction and a trial run. Beauchamp notes she would have never spent $30 on shampoo before trying it, like many of her ideal consumers. After sampling more expensive products, many Birchbox consumers grew to love them.

“You can absolutely move the needle.” Beauchamp said, noting Birchbox sees the average consumer double their spend within a year.

Birchbox & Walgreens Offer Experiential Product Testing


Birchbox’s business plan is evolving, taking on an interactive experience for consumers to connect with the brand. Many retail brands, like Sephora and Lowe’s, are implementing similar approaches.

Birchbox offers Walgreens and Duane Reade customers the opportunity to Build Your Own Birchbox (BYOB). Consumers can select five sample products and package them in an exclusive Birchbox-Walgreens box. Plus, they can also shop Birchbox’s Limited Edition Boxes and Kits for Walgreens, which include the Eye Essentials, Lip Essentials, Cheek Essentials, Moisturizers and Skincare Treatments kits.

Birchbox’s collaboration with Walgreens may also help position the drug store as a beauty destination, placing it on par with stores like Ulta and Sephora. Walgreens has been investing in beauty since 2016 when it started carrying makeup brands like NYX and No7, so the Birchbox-Walgreens partnership may be profitable on both ends.

As many digital brands develop brick-and-mortar initiatives to reach and connect with more consumers, Birchbox follows suit, enlisting Walgreens’ help for a successful partnership.

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