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The Benefits Of Alleviating Consumers’ Worries Through Direct-To-Consumer Selling

August 22, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

Consumers are constantly seeking brands or products that can help make their lives a little less troublesome. Especially with the rise of mobile and social technologies, customer expectations are increasing with higher demands of seamless user experiences. For businesses, achieving high-quality customer experiences while helping solve day-to-day consumer problems can attract new potential customers and boost retention. The following three rising brands capitalize on the opportunity to connect with consumers emotionally.

David Kind Simplifies Journey Of Finding The Perfect Pair Of Glasses  

David Kind glasses

Buying a new pair of frames for glasses should not be rocket science. However, for many discerning eyeglass wearers, finding their perfect pair of frames can be tiring. David Kind offers an at home try-on experience to help their customers find frames they love that are perfectly suited for their facial structures. For a fee of $20, customers can receive six frames delivered straight to their doors to try on at home for six days. Shoppers are able to consult with David Kind opticians to help further narrow down their plethora of choices in order to find the frame of their dreams. The David Kind team has even developed an online selfie system that allows customers to see how particular frames fit their faces before receiving them in person. Shipping is free both ways, with no obligation to buy. David Kind is determined to earn loyal brand advocates by making buying glasses as easy as possible.

Harry’s Minimizes Overwhelming Razor Options 

Another brand that helps individuals narrow down their choices is Harry’s. In fact, Harry’s only gives their customers the option to buy one choice of razor. Many consumers find themselves at the grocery store looking to stock up on new razors but frustrated with the entire process: from choosing a razor out of a dozen potential options, requesting an employee to open up the locked case, then having to pay an enormous amount for four blades and some shaving cream. Harry’s alleviates the grueling process of finding the perfect razor, by providing only one razor with one type of blade delivered straight to consumers’ doors.

Harry’s has cultivated a brand that embraces directness and simplicity. While Dollar Shave Club’s are “fu**ing great” and Gillette brands its razors with names like “Mach” and “Turbo,” Harry’s uses a more amiable voice to target customers. Andy Katz-Mayfield, founder of Harry’s stated, “We’ve built Harry’s to reflect our passions and values: affinity for simple design, appreciation of well-made things and a belief that companies should make the world a better place.” By offering fewer options than their competitors, Harry’s capitalized on the idea that individuals do not have to look any further for the best razor. 

Litter-Robot Allows Freedom From Litter Box Duties


For cat owners, cleaning their cats’ litter can be a nuisance and time consuming. In order to help solve this problem, Litter-Robot offers an automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats. Once the cat enters and exits the box, a sifting process automatically separates the waste from the litter and deposits it into a waste drawer for easy disposal. This process is extremely efficient in helping save time and money, as it only removes the clumps, preserving clean litter for a longer period of time. The Litter-Robot comes with a carbon-filtered drawer that sifts wastes within minutes so customers do not have to smell unpleasant odors. Plus, with the Litter-Robot “Connect” app, cat owners can receive notifications regarding waste drawer levels, number of cycles completed and when the litter box is in use. Litter-Robot owners never have to scoop waste again, meaning Litter-Robot has helped give them back precious time while avoiding dirty duties.

Understanding The Emotions That Drive Consumer Behavior

Marketers want to strike emotional chords with consumers, and one way of making a connection is by alleviating day-to-day problems. When companies are able to lift burdens off their customers’ shoulders, it often drives consumer purchase behavior and increases brand loyalty. Shoppers who feel emotionally connected to brands are typically more valuable than those who are simply satisfied. A study done by Motista unveiled that those who are loyal to a brand will, “…stay with that brand an average of 5.1 years, compared to 3.4 years of satisfied customers.” The aforementioned DTC brands showcase how cultivating relationships with their customers, by helping solve everyday problems, can lead to customer acquisition and retention.

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