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Consumers Are Ready For Brands To Move On From COVID-19 Advertisements

May 19, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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Mitto, a Swiss communications technology brand, recently released results of their April survey gauging “consumer attitudes and preferences towards brands’ communications with them [consumers] during the COVID-19 pandemic.” The survey included 7,000 consumers in seven different regions around the world and found that 41% of consumers are ready for brands to start talking about something other than COVID-19.

Consumer Fatigue About COVID-19 Marketing Has Set In Despite Consumers Being Generally Happy With Communications

Results of the Mitto survey, like other intel from marketing insiders throughout coronavirus, indicated brands that effectively and thoughtfully communicated during coronavirus were appreciated by consumers. And, despite now being ready for brands to tackle new content, consumers didn’t feel brands had over-reached during coronavirus. Other key takeaways from the study:

  • 77% of respondents felt brands cared about their “well-being” and 30% indicated that brands were able to help them feel less anxious during the pandemic. 
  • 53% of those surveyed said they were hearing more from brands during coronavirus, but 73% felt the increased communication was appropriate, and 58% were glad to receive information when it was related to business changes that would impact their lives. 
  • Respondents were particularly receptive to messages that came from essential services, like doctors and banks. However, messages containing special offers and product availability updates also ranked highly, which may illustrate the desire to shop during self-isolation.

What’s Next For Brands Now That Consumers Are Ready To Move On?

Mitto noted, “The findings reveal that brands have successfully built strong relationships with consumers, and as a result, consumers want and expect to hear from these brands during both ‘normal’ and difficult times.” This consumer mindset is good news for brands that will be looking to strike a balance between “normal” marketing and COVID-19 marketing. Brands that were able to keep consumer engagement high and continue deploying effective marketing initiatives throughout coronavirus, may find pivoting to less pandemic-related content easier. 

However, the crisis is not over, and the desire for new subject matter in advertisements from consumers doesn’t change the fact that, across the country, much of the consumer base is still social distancing. For this reason, a “normal” ad that, for example, takes place in a crowded rooftop bar may be perceived as unrealistic and insensitive -- unless the brand is attempting to make an overt statement. As the U.S. evolves to the next phase of the coronavirus crisis, brands will need to continue being “responsible corporate citizens” while carefully pursuing marketing strategies inclusive of different attitudes and experiences around the country.

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