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Disposable Urinals Are The Latest Trend To Emerge From The Pandemic

June 19, 2020 Sarah Cavill

It’s safe to say that the pandemic has brought with it a fair share of surprising trends born out of necessity, from virtual graduations to mask fashion, but the latest trending item may be the least expected. AdAge reports that disposable urinal bags are one of summer’s must have items, as people get back out into the world but don’t want to use or can’t find public bathrooms. 

Disposable Urinal Brand Travel John Sees Increased Search Rank

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The country is opening back up in most states, some areas more slowly that others, but people are out and about. However, many public bathrooms are still closed, and there is reluctance to use open facilities, which could explain the increase in demand for disposable urinal bags. According to AdAge, disposable urinal brand Travel John “found that the Amazon search rank for ‘Travel John disposable urinal bags’ has increased five times between May 2 and June 6.” Over the course of the pandemic, as needs changed and availability of certain items was limited, trending searches revealed the new needs of consumers impacted by the pandemic. This latest “it” item is similar, offering a view into how people are coping with life post quarantine. 

Travel John Adapts Their Marketing Approach

Similar to other brands impacted by unexpected popularity, Travel John is having to make adjustments to keep up with a “drastic increase” in demand, said spokesperson Tina Caswell. Caswell added that Travel John has “temporarily paused our social media promotions as we increased our production to keep up with the demand.” The brand is still running paid ads on Amazon and a campaign with NASCAR.

Other Trends Could Impact The Popularity Of Disposable Urinals

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Although travel is far from being back to normal, trend research group NPD reports that Camping, RV and road trip items are seeing growth, “In the two weeks ending May 2, sales for camping tents grew 30%, and sales for camping sets increased 119%. NPD also saw increases in portable power kits, which grew sales by 87%.” An increased interest in camping could also explain some of the rise in popularity for disposable urinals, as people look for ways to get outside but still want to avoid crowded or less sanitary areas. 

Consumer behaviors have shifted and evolved throughout the pandemic. Some brands are likely to be less popular in a year, so making the most of momentary sales spikes, via effective partnerships or serving ads where a broader base of consumers can find them, is a smart way for brands to capitalize on fickle shoppers in need of unexpected items.

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