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Women’s Clothing Brand M.M. LaFleur Supports Women Running For Office

February 25, 2020 Sarah Cavill

Shutterstock_490909702  AUSTIN - MARCH 16, 2016: First Lady Michelle Obama speaks at the SXSW event Let Girls Learn in Austin, Texas.

From Michelle Obama’s bare arms to how much Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez pays for her suits, women in the political world are frequently and often harshly criticized for how they dress. M.M. LaFleur, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) womenswear brand would like to change that narrative, or at least help out women who are stepping onto the campaign trail.

M.M. LaFleur Announces New "Ready To Run" Initiative On Instagram

MM La Fleur's announcement to offer women running for political office free clothes

Sarah LaFleur, Founder and CEO of M.M. LaFleur, released a statement on Instagram announcing the “Ready to Run” initiative. LaFleur explains “out of all of the elected offices in the U.S., only 27% are held by women,” suggesting that, though clothes may not change representation in politics, a nice wardrobe can make life a little easier for female politicians who may lack the financial resources or time to build a wardrobe for the campaign trail. The post offers details on how women interested in the initiative can reach out to M.M. LaFleur. According to The Washington Post, within two days the company received more than 550 responses from women in elections at all levels and an outpouring of encouragement from customers.

Non-Partisan Group “She Should Run” Partners With M.M.LaFleur

Home page of MM La Fleur website

“This is actually just about really increasing female representation in government,” said LaFleur. “So I think we’ve really purposely tried to be as nonpartisan as we possibly can.” A partnership with non-partisan organization “She Should Run” further emphasizes M.M. LaFleur’s intentions to turn the “Ready to Run” program into a broader, ongoing brand-builder and social responsibility enterprise for the clothing brand. Founded in 2011, “She Should Run” set a goal in 2019 to recruit 250,000 women to run for office by 2030.

“This [partnership with She Should Run] is part of our corporate social responsibility initiative,” LaFleur added, “but hopefully it will have legs in terms of marketing as well.”

Social Responsibility Resonates With Younger Audiences

Brands that are able to effectively embrace social responsibility often resonate with consumers, particularly younger generations who often choose brands based on their shared values. The election is heating up, so brands that authentically align with values voters feel passionately about, in this case more women in politics, could be rewarded with positive engagement on social media, increased sales and brand loyalty.

“A lot of women can’t afford to buy the kinds of clothes that people expect of candidates,” said LaFleur to The Washington Post. “If it’s in any way a hurdle for these women, it brings me such joy that we can help alleviate that problem.”

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