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YouTube Launches Slash Fashion: Just The Facts

September 23, 2019 Carolyn Harding

Calling all fashionistas! YouTube recently launched YouTube.com/Fashion – also known as “Slash Fashion” or “/Fashion” – a single, centralized destination dedicated solely to fashion and beauty content.

How Does YouTube’s Slash Fashion Work?

Slash Fashion combines a range of original, compelling videos from popular fashion and beauty YouTube creators, industry professionals, publishers and luxury fashion brands. Users who subscribe to Slash Fashion can find livestreams of runway shows, behind-the-scenes looks into the biggest names in the industry, a dedicated beauty section and industry collaborations with fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior.

"The aim for /Fashion is to create an ultimate destination for style content that bridges both our fabulous endemic creator community and the more traditional worlds of fashion and beauty," said Derek Blasberg, Director of YouTube Fashion and Beauty. "My hope is that anyone looking for all things style will now have a place to come and be inspired by what they see."

Why Did YouTube Create A Centralized Fashion Hub?

The launch of YouTube’s Slash Fashion doesn’t come as a huge surprise to many, as fashion and beauty content have seen a significant increase in viewership across the social platform. Between 2014 and 2018, the number of fashion and beauty channels on YouTube grew more than six times, resulting in billions of views in last year alone. YouTube has capitalized on the popularity of fashion and style videos over the years, introducing innovative features (presumably to keep the momentum going and attract even more views) like AR makeup trials, and even livestreaming Rihanna's fashion show just last fall.

From a user perspective, a centralized hub like Slash Fashion piggy-backs off the platform’s creation of similar dedicated sections like music and gaming, making it easier for users to navigate through the countless videos on YouTube. For marketers, the new hub will showcase exactly what the fashion and beauty industries have to offer when it comes to advertising, as both industries continue to prove their dominance in the YouTube space and position themselves as two of the largest and most popular categories year over year (YOY).

Slash Fashion plans to partner with several brands to create original content, and, over time, localize YouTube fashion and beauty content for global markets in order to improve relevance to different audience subsets. According to Blasberg, “The opportunity for content centered on fashion-driven moments is endless, and it’s time brands realized that.”

How Can Digital Marketers Capitalize On YouTube’s Newest Fashion And Beauty Destination?

Slash Fashion has presented marketers with a new opportunity to reach viewers based on specific interests within targeted sections. Blasberg recently described YouTube’s Slash Fashion as “a place where I can send potential partners, future channel partners, future advertisers, future brands to say, ‘Look at all this incredible stuff that we’ve got on here.’”

Slash Fashion is establishing itself as a one-stop shop for industry research by producing insight into rising trends and content creators. “We’re helping brands understand that when there are these tentpole moments, whether it’s a fashion show, or a campaign shoot or store launch, it’s like a content gold mine, which I think a lot of them don’t realize,” added Blasberg.

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