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Brands & Retailers Innovate With Baby Registries To Attract Expectant Parents & Boost LTV

April 22, 2021 Sarah Cavill

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, and spring in the air, thoughts go to new life, new babies and all the joys of motherhood. Of course, especially for first-time parents, knowing everything needed once a baby is born can be overwhelming. Enter the baby registry.

Baby registries let parents and guardians select all the items they may need, from breast pumps to cleaning services, and most expectant parents want their registries to be both easy to update and seamlessly shoppable. Amazon, buybuyBABY, Babylist and Crate & Kids are innovating with their registry options, making the registering and shopping process fun and easy and adding services that endure into parenthood to boost lifetime value (LTV).

Amazon Offers A Universal Registry, Completion Discount & Extended Return Window

Amazon offers a universal registry, which allows people to choose items from any site and put them on their Amazon registries, creating true one-stop shopping experiences, which is very onbrand for the mega retailer. Like many registries, Amazon offers a completion discount for any items left on the registry after baby showers and/or arrival, with an extra 5% off for Prime Members. Additionally, most items have extended return windows of 365 days, which is significantly longer than for typical Amazon purchases. Retailers that offer low shipping costs and easy returns are likely to realize higher conversion rates, especially with consumers who want flexible shopping experiences.

buybuybaby registry

buybuyBABY App Lets Parents Manage Baby Registries And Make Seamless Purchases

Convenience becomes a high priority as families grow, and apps that offer easy access to shopping are often considered necessities for new parents and guardians. buybuyBABY, long a favorite retailer for expectant parents, offers an app that buybuyBABY says helps those who register find “everything” they’ll need “from top brands to most-loved products — using our interactive checklist, registry collection starters and product guides.” Retailers able to capture app downloads from expectant parents can target those parents throughout phases and ages of raising kids, using push notifications and email campaigns for promotions related to birthdays and other kid-rearing milestones.

Babylist Deploys Helpful Content Marketing And Includes Services & Experiences As Baby Registry Gifts

To build brand loyalty and increase engagement, many brands and retailers create in-depth content that is helpful, informative and entertaining. Babylist, founded in 2011, offers a universal registry for parents and the option for gift givers to give expectant parents helpful services like dog-sitting and home-cooked meals. Babylist also provides a wealth of insightful content that goes beyond just selecting gifts. For example, Babylist created a calendar of blogs, videos, inspirational photos and checklists for expectant parents, detailing what to expect in each trimester. And, when it is time to register, the Babylist site supports decision making with “best of” checklists and sample registries, including luxury, minimalist, green, adoption and second baby lists. Natalie Gordon, founder and CEO of Babylist, leverages the buying habits of her customers to understand what parents want. “The baby market is completely unique as a retail segment; it’s tough to build long-term brand loyalty when your market is moving in and out of a specific lifestage,” said Gordon. “Since we’ve created a truly universal registry, we have a unique, bird’s eye view to the trends in new parenthood.”

Crate & Kids Promotes In-House Design Services With Baby Registry

Crate & Kids

The registry from Crate & Barrel brand Crate & Kids offers parents the opportunity to register for exclusive items from the popular home furnishings store, including new products from recent partnerships with primatologist Jane Goodall and HGTV designer Leanne Ford, with both partnerships promoted across social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram. In addition to planning their registries with Crate & Kids, parents can turn to Crate Design Studio for personalized design services, which the brand markets on the same page as the registry services. Upselling and cross-selling services can help capture the attention of consumers and create ongoing relationships, particularly for brands like Crate & Barrel that sell beyond baby items.

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