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New Moms Find Support From Brands & Retailers

April 26, 2021 Erin Sweeney

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Although the baby boom predicted at the outset of the pandemic turned out to be a baby bust, some experts now predict a post-pandemic baby boom as women who put off getting pregnant during the pandemic decide to start their families as the economy stabilizes and life returns to normal. New moms need support, and they seek it from their networks of friends and families and from brands. According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, “The internet and social media are rapidly becoming important and trusted sources of parenting and health information that mothers turn to when making infant care decisions.” 

For Mother’s Day and throughout the year, brands are using targeted digital strategies to support new moms and meet their needs and the needs of their babies. Target, Tommee Tippee and Motherhood Maternity are reaching moms through social media and supporting them with helpful content, loyalty programs and seamless purchasing options.

Target Helps New Moms With Tools, Tips & Inspiration

Target is using omnichannel advertising strategies to ensure an integrated shopping experience online, in store and on social media platforms for new moms. By using a mix of channels that new moms often turn to for support, Target is making lasting connections. Here are four examples:

Target Is Marketing To Moms On Instagram

Target’s Instagram Story “Littles” markets the company’s curated lists with easy purchasing on Instagram Checkout.

Target Is Leveraging Mom Influencers On YouTube

Kyrah Stewart 8 month baby update + my baby favorites

Target is sponsoring videos by new mom influencers on YouTube in the series “All Things Baby Target.” One Influencer, Kyrah Stewart, who has more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, is featured in a Target-sponsored “8 Month Baby Update,” highlighting all the benefits of the Target Baby Registry and recommending Target products that were “game changers” for her after the birth of her son. 

Target Is Using Microsites To Customize Content For Moms

Target created several microsites on their ecommerce platform to meet moms’ needs throughout pregnancy, birth and the growth of their babies. Expectant moms searching online for tips will find Target’s “Tips for New & Expecting Parents” microsite. The site features necessary products for the entire maternity journey, from pregnancy and preparing the nursery to baby care. The microsite also markets existing services to new moms, including Drive Up, so new moms can conveniently pick up products, and Same Day Delivery, so new moms don't have to leave home at all.

Target Is Curating Products For Parents & Providing Seamless Shopping Experiences

Target’s dedicated page for babies is a central ecommerce hub of baby products. And, linked from the baby-specific page is the Target Parenting Guide, which supports new parents by answering common baby care questions and providing easy purchasing options. Links to planning tools for new moms on Target’s ecommerce platform include a nursery planner and baby registry checklist. 

Tommee Tippee’s Live Stream Series Supports Feeding Challenges Of New Moms

Tommee Tippee spill the milk

Tommee Tippee, a UK bottle and baby care company, is showing they are listening to new moms and understand unique parenting challenges. The Tommee Tippee multi-episode live streaming series “Spill the Milk'' explores a variety of parenting topics, including maternal health, mental health, baby care and parental leave. New moms can watch and participate in Zoom and Facebook Live discussions hosted by health professionals, experts and real moms. The recorded sessions are also available on Instagram’s IGTV

The Tommee Tippee initiative includes a sweepstakes, with the winner receiving free Tommee Tippee products and $10,000 “towards parental leave.” The sweepstakes gives the brand an opportunity to honor the struggles of working moms, stating that “No parent should worry about anything other than bonding with and nurturing their newborn during those first precious months,” and to collect first-party data for future personalization and targeted marketing. Sharon Swan, head of brand marketing for Tommee Tippee North America, said “New parents often feel isolated and uncertain, but this has ramped up precipitously this year. With ‘Spill the Milk,’ our hope is to replicate those new moms' groups, give tangible support with live access to experts and really make a difference in the lives of one family by providing the financial support to enable them to enjoy those first months of parenthood without the economic anxiety.” The live stream series is part of Tommee Tippee’s #thebooblife campaign to encourage new moms to share their stories of feeding challenges and open up the conversation around breastfeeding. 

Motherhood Maternity Amplifies Voices Of New Moms On Social Media

Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity, a maternity and nursing clothing company, is connecting with moms by encouraging them to tell their stories. “We feature real moms because we believe in making emotional and authentic connections — it’s the heart of what we do,” writes the company on their ecommerce platform. The company uses three hashtags to amplify new moms’ voices and promote organic reach: #motherhood, #mymomtruths and #mhjuggle. “Our research shows new and expecting moms are looking for meaningful connections and relevant content, and that is why we prioritized our digital direct-to-consumer shopping experience with an emphasis on building community,” said Marla Ryan, brand EVP of Motherhood Maternity.

Motherhood Maternity Is Tapping Into Mommy Influencer Followings

Motherhood Maternity is fostering relationships with influencers through its ambassador program, which incentivizes sharing through a 5% commission on sales from social media posts. Once Motherhood Maternity captures new moms through social media, the brand keeps the moms shopping with the Preggie Perks loyalty program, which collects first-party data in exchange for special offers.

Motherhood Maternity Is Supporting Pregnant Moms & The Earth With Rentals

Motherhood Maternity is also getting onboard with the fashion industry trend of rental clothing subscriptions with their Motherhood Rental program, which gives members an initial three items of maternity clothing that can be exchanged for new items at any time for a monthly fee of $69. Motherhood Rental supports the mother-to-be by providing clothing that grows with her and meets her needs while supporting sustainability efforts by recycling clothing.

It takes a village to raise a child, and brands that become part of a new mother’s village are winning with this market today and across the milestones of child-rearing. 

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