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Quality Leads are Hard to Find

September 15, 2015 Kathy Bryan

Earlier this month, the LeadsCouncil released their 2015 Education Benchmarking Report, sponsored by Sparkroom and LeadiD. While there were many year-over-year changes noted in the report, some results were less surprising.

Note: Since this report was published, Sparkroom was acquired by Digital Media Solutions and then the Sparkroom agency was rebranded to DMS Digital Agency. The Sparkroom brand name was retained by our proprietary and award-winning performance marketing technology. In addition, LeadiD rebranded to Jornaya.

Measuring the responses of 173 institutions, the 2015 Education Benchmarking Report evaluates the use of third-party lead generation partners, marketing strategies, budgets and enrollment results. Of significant note is the poor perception of leads. Almost half (46.23%) believe that only one-fifth of their lead volume can be considered “quality.” Making it difficult to overcome this assessment, almost half of institutions (48.12%) find it “difficult” or “very difficult” to increase their flow of quality leads.

Ability to Contact is Best Indicator of Quality

When evaluating lead quality, the ability to contact a consumer is ranked as the best indicator, followed by consumer behaviors, the source of the lead and demographics. Not surprisingly, consumer behaviors is the data most respondents (68.97%) wish they had more of. Course format, graduation dates and time spent submitting a lead (duration on form) is the data used least often by respondents.

With all this talk about negative quality, you might expect people to believe the lead generation ecosystem to be unhealthy. But surprisingly, most respondents have a neutral stance on that topic. Perhaps expectations have been lowered so much that performance is finally on par?

The 2015 Education Benchmarking Report is available for FREE

The 2015 Education Benchmarking Report is an essential read for everyone in higher education focused on meeting enrollment goals. Click here to get your copy.

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Kathy Bryan is the Chief Marketing Officer at Digital Media Solutions (DMS). In this role, Kathy is responsible for all aspects of marketing and communications for DMS, the largest single entry point for marketers seeking scalable and reliable, martech-enabled digital media distribution.

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