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3 Key Ways To Leverage Reddit For Enrollment Marketing

October 25, 2019 Charlene Sterphone

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With more than 330 million average monthly users, 21 billion average screen views per month and more than 130,000 active communities, there’s no denying that Reddit, the self-billed “front page of the internet,” is a huge player in today’s digital ecosystem. Still, Reddit may be somewhat of an enigma for many enrollment marketers unsure of how to engage with the social media giant’s vast community. In this article, we dive into three key ways to leverage Reddit for enrollment marketing.

#1 Be Authentic And Add Value

Be honest about who you are and where you work. According to a recent Inside Higher Ed article, “Reddit users are notoriously harsh on content that appears disingenuous. And they aren’t shy about sharing those misgivings.” By introducing yourself to a community moderator and using a verified name and title, you can build trust and create a sense of legitimacy. Be wary, however, of “selling” or coming on too strong — rather, focus on acting as a resource. You can search for your school name or nickname in a relevant subreddit (like the 132,000 member Applying to College subreddit) and answer questions that prospective students may have to add value and clarity to the conversation.

#2: Create A Team Of Ambassadors

While prospective students may appreciate receiving information from you, feedback from Reddit users they view as peers often have more impact. Identify current students to act as ambassadors for your school. Campus tour guides with active Reddit accounts may be able to weigh in on conversations where prospects are looking for information on the student life or admissions experience at your school. Recent alumni can also speak to their experiences during their student years and post-graduation to provide authentic feedback on how your institution prepared them for the working world.

#3: Listen And Learn

Perhaps most importantly, listen to what Reddit users are saying about your institution, including common questions and complaints prospects may have about admissions and your enrollment process. Reddit’s forums can be a goldmine of information about what is and isn’t working. For example, if you see multiple questions from prospects having trouble finding information on your website, perhaps a website redesign is in order. Reddit can also be a valuable source for new content ideas based on topics and trends that are generating buzz among your target audience members.

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