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New Higher Education Programs Of 2019: Top 5 Categories

September 17, 2019 Charlene Sterphone

Higher education inquiry volume in H1 (January-June) 2019 increased 6.7% over H1 2018, according to the H1 2019 Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review from Digital Media Solutions® (DMS). The top five program categories accounted for 74.6% of the overall share of higher education inquiry volume in H1 2019.

We researched new higher education programs launched this year in the top five program categories of H1 2019. By reviewing these recently added programs, higher education marketers can better understand their competition and focus on adapting and positioning their school’s programs.

Health Professions And Related Higher Education Programs

As the top higher education program category overall in H1 2019 with a 41.0% share of volume (SOV), health professions and related programs maintained its number one position for both the campus-based and online formats. The health category also had the most new programs added for any of the top five categories.

New Higher Education Programs Of 2019

This program allows students to learn in collaboration with one another across the disciplines of nursing, health studies and public health.

This program prepares students in the fields of speech language pathology or audiology

This program is designed with a heavy focus on clinical education, and students will gain hands-on practical experiences under the direct supervision of a preceptor.

Beginning in fall 2019, the program focuses on the care of individuals with psychiatric mental health conditions across the lifespan by including specialty courses in neuroscience of pharmacology. 

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Nursing and Public Health (CIP Code: 51.3805) – Moravian College

This program is a traditional four-year, pre-licensure baccalaureate (BSN) program, with a 16-month long, pre-licensure accelerated BSN program for college graduates, a baccalaureate degree-completion program for registered nurses (RN to BSN) and a master’s (MSN) program.

This is a 28-month, seven-semester academic professional degree program that includes basic science and clinical coursework, clinical skills training and supervised clinical practice.

Students can gain insight into the theories and concepts essential to nursing practice, professionalism and their roles as members of inter-professional healthcare terms.

This program meets local, state and national needs for licensed, qualified athletic training professionals. 

  • Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CIP Code: 51.1508) – Cazenovia College

This program prepares students to become informed and ethical practitioners, equipped with tools for mental health counseling in individual, family and group settings. 

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics and Information Management (CIP Code: 51.2706) – Mary Baldwin University

Students will earn digital badge credentials while enrolled in the program as well as professional skills such as project management and communication.

This two-year graduate program offers access to off-site community service and clinical opportunities to prepare students to become competent and respectful speech-language pathologists.

This program is a three-year professional course of study in occupational therapy theory, research and practice intended to also benefit students with learning opportunities from other health disciplines.

As the nation’s first Ph.D. program in pharmaceutical engineering, this program focuses on research and training students in areas of drug product development, such as continuous manufacturing and drug-containing nanomaterials.

This degree offers two concentrations where students can choose Health Management and Administration or Advanced Research Administration. The core courses focus on communication, leadership theory, ethics and advanced research methods.

This program is for students who are interested in the way individuals adapt to human development and suffering. Students are required to take two foundation courses and a course in bio ethics, and then they have the option to choose between the pre-medical track and the health and humanities track. 

This 120-credit program is broadly designed to provide students with the skills to facilitate healthy practices at the individual and societal levels by teaching them about the foundations of healthy promotion and equity interventions and how to evaluate strengths and weaknesses in health promotion programs. 

Business, Management, Marketing And Related Support Services Higher Education Programs

Higher education business programs ranked second in terms of prospective students during H1 2019 with a 14.8% SOV of inquiry volume. Business also claimed the number two spot for most new programs added within the top five categories.

New Higher Education Programs Of 2019

  • Ed.D in Higher Education Leadership and Organizational Studies (CIP Code: 52.1003) – Bay Path University

This program teaches students how to re-imagine institutions, make tough decisions and re-examine whether old ways of doing business are still relevant.

This program prepares students for careers in wealth management and financial planning in part by providing personal financial advisors to help give advice on investments, insurance, mortgages and taxes.

This program offers a new, fully online master’s degree in hospitality management with a specialization in mega-event planning for those who have mastered the basics of event management. 

This program is designed to provide real-world experience by offering study abroad opportunities in hospitality and selected culinary experiences so students can be well-versed in the global aspects of the industry.

This program offers both online and face-to-face courses that use a synchronous online format which requires students to take courses in IT, computer science, math, physics or another related field.

This program combines principles from science, technology, engineering and mathematics with business and finance.

This new program being offered fall of 2019 allows students to take STEM classes along with the required courses of calculus, business statistics, chemistry, physics and managerial communications.  

This 48-credit program will provide students with essential knowledge in corporate finance, investment analysis and international financial management.

Launching fall 2019, this 26-credit program prepares students to work for or start their own mobile food service operations by offering courses with topics in menu development, equipment maintenance, codes and regulations, sanitation and marketing.

Students pursuing a major in business analytics can develop hands-on skills in using advanced analytical techniques, such as data mining, predictive analytics and statistics, to evaluate large amounts of data collected from e-commerce transactions.

This 27-credit program includes a rotation of fashion electives. Students also have the opportunity to study abroad in Milan and Paris for a two-week, three-credit, fashion brand marketing class.

Students have the opportunity to learn from professors who are experts in computer science, math, statistics and the social and natural sciences. They can also gain invaluable experience through internships or research projects that connect their studies to real-world data and organizations.

Education Higher Education Programs

The number three higher education program category in H1 2019 with a 9.4% SOV, education experienced the most significant half-over-half (HOH) prospective student inquiry volume growth of the top five categories for online programs. Here are the new education programs launched in 2019.

New Higher Education Programs Of 2019

  • Ed.D in Higher Education Leadership and Organizational Studies (CIP Code: 13.0401) – Bay Path University

This program teaches students how to re-imagine institutions, make tough decisions and re-examine whether old ways of doing business are still relevant.

This program focuses on providing students with solid foundations in child development, educational psychology and the role of family and society in education.

This program helps students develop skills to advocate for equitable learning opportunities for all children.

This program offers students solid foundations in secondary education, engineering, mathematics and sciences.

This program engages students in academic and professional experiences that help them serve as educators in schools and community-based settings.

This program is offered online and helps students develop strategies for managing academic and behavioral problems by offering courses in pre-professional, special ed, teaching and general ed. Internships and field experiences are also offered.

Psychology Higher Education Programs

Higher education psychology inquiry volume remained relatively flat HOH with a 5.5% SOV in H1 2019, but the category was up YOY significantly with 19.3% volume growth. Here are the new psychology programs for 2019.

New Higher Education Programs Of 2019

This program offers face-to-face and online courses which apply scientific methods to develop programs and services for individuals with unique behavior needs.

This program is intended to prepare students for certifications as Board Certified Behavior Analysts by offering courses on principles of behaviors, research methodologies and how to design procedures for systematic application of behavioral technologies.

We were unable to identify any new higher education programs launched in 2019 in the mechanic and repair technology category, the fifth-ranked higher education category.

Bonus: New Technology Programs Of 2019

Technology Programs

Although not in the top five higher education categories for H1 2019, computer and information sciences ranked sixth-highest for online higher education programs and seventh-highest for campus-based higher education programs. Here are the new technology higher education programs launched in 2019.

  • Master of Science in Predictive Analytics (CIP Code: 11.0301) – Moravian College

This program is Moravian College’s first online graduate business program in partnership with Extension Engine to help strengthen the school’s commitment toward innovation and data analytics.

Students in this program have the opportunity to gain experience in three key areas: designing and building useful technologies, identifying opportunities to enhance user experiences and using methods to identify how technology can better support human activity.

Designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the National Security Agency, the University of Dallas introduced this program combining cybersecurity principles with the most relevant programming techniques.

This new major will help students learn the necessary skills to mitigate security vulnerabilities in software applications by offering courses focused on digital forensics, “ethical hacking” and penetration testing.


  • Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Management (CIP Code: 11.1003) – Auburn University

Offered online and on campus, this program enables IT professionals and other business managers to successfully evaluate security measures, assess organizational threat exposure and develop effective plans for mitigating risk across various business operations.

  • Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CIP Code: 11.0701) – Bethel University

This program will give students the opportunity to participate in the R.E.A.L. (Relevant Skills, Experiential and Applied Learning) Experience – a program designed to help gain hands-on experience in computer architecture, networking and web development.

This degree is a 120-credit undergraduate program, which consists of 48 credits in general education, 33 credits in computer information systems, 18 credits in criminal justice and 21 elective credits.

This program consists of all-evening courses taught in lecture and lab formats. Coursework includes systems and software security, scripting for cyber professionals and data protection laws.

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Note: Have a new program in one of the above categories that launched in 2019 at your school? Email to tell us about it.

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