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3 Reasons To Keep Customer Acquisition Campaigns Live Over The Weekend

June 10, 2021 Kathy Bryan

Digital advertising success is reliant on smart optimizations that produce optimal results. Frequent testing is essential for advertisers to continue enhancing campaign efforts, keeping the strategies and tactics that work, while walking away from those with below par performance. Testing weekend customer acquisition campaigns should be part of this process for the following three reasons.

1. Weekend Customer Acquisition Campaigns Help Advertisers Make Sure They’re Always Visible When Consumers Are Shopping

We live in a 24/7 world in which online shopping and ecommerce are expected to be available every second of every day. In fact, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey, “31% of U.S. adults now report that they go online ‘almost constantly.’”

When consumers are ready to research or shop for refinance rates, car insurance, gig economy jobs, higher education programs or anything else, they are not considering which brands may or may not be advertising right then. They’re thinking about themselves, their challenges and the solutions that can help overcome them. Brands not visible on the weekend are missing their opportunities to connect with prospects and solve consumer problems.

2. Because Many Advertisers Pause Customer Acquisition Campaigns Over The Weekend, There Is Less Competition For Consumer Attention

Although there are so many reasons to keep customer acquisition campaigns live over the weekend, many advertisers pause campaigns over the weekend for a variety of reasons, including sometimes to align with limited call center hours. As a result, the advertisers that stay live on the weekend are at a competitive advantage, because they are facing less competition. The competitive advantages of advertising over the weekend can include lower media costs and premium placement. Plus, with fewer advertisers reaching out to consumers over the weekend, it can be easier to be the first brand to make contact with high-intent consumers ready to take action.

3. When Advertisers Pause Customer Acquisition Campaigns Over The Weekend, They Are Giving The Advantage To Their Competitors

Just like being live on the weekends can create advantages, pausing on the weekend can hand the advantage to competitors. When consumers are shopping over the weekend, their visible options will be based on which advertisers are active over the weekend. Therefore, in addition to helping competitors benefit from lower media costs and premium placement, pausing on the weekend allows competitors to gain brand awareness and the opportunity to turn browsers into buyers.

In a recent episode of “Quick Questions With Kathy,” DMS CRO Joey Liner shares insights on the importance of continuity for customer acquisition campaigns.

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