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Ecommerce Platforms Help CPG Brands Find Audiences

February 11, 2021 Erin Sweeney

Snacking has grown during the pandemic, as people look for comfort — and continue to work, learn and play at home, within reach of the pantry. According to the Mondelez International State of Snacking report, “nine in 10 global adults say they are snacking more (46%) or the same (42%) during the pandemic than before it,” and 53% report buying brands that evoke feelings of nostalgia from childhood. To catch the attention of this snack-happy market and drive sales, CPG snack brands Lay’s, Doritos and PepsiCo invested in their ecommerce platforms and online ordering strategies.

Snack Food CPG Brands Invest In Targeted Landing Pages 

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In response to the growing and continued affinity for snacks and the major surge in ecommerce, snack food brands have created interactive landing pages to provide engaging shopping experiences. On these brand platforms, shoppers discover new products, learn about promotions and easily buy items online with a few clicks. Landing pages for PepsiCo brands Lay’s and Doritos use digital product locator tools that help shoppers find products in local stores in real time and connect shoppers to major ecommerce retailers including Amazon, Walmart and Instacart for online purchasing. Kellogg’s brands Pringles and Cheez-It offer similar experiences on their landing pages. PepsiCo and Kellogg’s brands are using their landing pages to collect first-party data for continued engagement and nurturing, in part through loyalty and rewards programs. In exchange for a name, email address and birthdate, shoppers can receive coupons, contests and product updates. 

PepsiCo Meets Changing Consumer Behaviors With Ecommerce Platforms

In 2020, PepsiCo created direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce platforms and to cut out the middleman and sell directly to shoppers. bundles PepsiCo products into themed boxes called pantry kits and targets them toward different audience segments. allows shoppers to search for PepsiCo products by brand, snack type, flavor or occasion, including entertaining, gaming, movie night, on the go and work/study break. “In these uncertain times, as more and more consumers are using ecommerce channels to purchase food and beverage products, and offer shoppers another alternative for easy and fast access to products they love,” said Gibu Thomas, former SVP & head of ecommerce at PepsiCo. 

Snack food brands are launching fun and funny campaigns across social media and other digital channels, pivoting to a multichannel strategy from traditional advertising and in-person sales. And, once snack brands have gained the attention of consumers, the dynamic ecommerce platforms and landing pages make it easy for shoppers to find and purchase their products online.

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