It’s Time To Rise Above & Place Ourselves On An Eternal Path Of Growth

March 30, 2020 Joe Marinucci

This morning, I am asking you to evolve your thinking. While COVID-19 is a worldwide health emergency, it is also an amazing opportunity for us all to rise, unify our teams and strengthen our businesses more than we ever thought possible.

For businesses, every crisis is an opportunity for growth if everyone collectively:

  1. Recognizes that life happens for you, not to you
  2. Knows that the only thing you control as you move forward is your attitude
  3. Remembers that you must take everything that comes at you as a challenge to grow
  4. Maintains positive attitudes, no matter what you face
  5. Makes every decision with respect, integrity, gratitude and love

These five points comprise the formula to rise above all the challenges you face and place yourselves on an eternal path of growth.

What you do today, next week, next month will define who you are and where you go as individuals and as businesses. When you show your poise, strength, solidarity and courage, you will individually and collectively survive and thrive.

We’ve got this.

About the Author

Joe Marinucci

Joe Marinucci is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Digital Media Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: DMS) since the company’s inception in 2012. Marinucci is responsible for the overall vision and strategy of DMS, leveraging the best people, processes and technology in the industry to deliver data-driven digital performance advertising solutions to offer visibility into the customer experience, help brands grow their businesses and provide accountability for every media dollar spent. Under Marinucci’s leadership, DMS has evolved into an award-winning, digital performance advertising company demonstrating consistent and significant year-over-year growth which earned recognition on the Inc. 5000 list for seven consecutive years.

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