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1¢ Whopper: Burger King Creatively Detours McDonald’s Consumers

December 12, 2018 Digital Media Solutions

Between clown-themed Halloween campaigns and now 1¢ Whoppers, Burger King (BK) has become a ruthless marketer, stopping at nothing to steal consumers from competitors, especially McDonald’s. As of December 4, the popular American burger chain is encouraging consumers to download their app with the draw of a limited-time 1¢ Whopper.

What Do Consumers Have to Do for a 1¢ Whopper?

Consumers looking for a steal will need to be inside or in close proximity to a McDonald’s location when they order a Whopper via the Burger King app. The app will then direct consumers to the closest Burger King, where they can pick up their 1¢ Whoppers.

How Does the 1¢ Whopper Deal Really Work?

1¢ Whopper BK burger king marketing mcdonalds burger

Known as the “Whopper Detour,” this marketing campaign took a bit of development on the tech side of the operation.

In order to detect consumers’ locations in correspondence to a McDonald’s restaurant, Burger King’s team implemented 600-foot radius geofences around almost all McDonald’s locations in the U.S. Burger King has 7,200 locations compared to 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants, which puts 75% of the American population within three miles of a Big Mac.

How Does the 1¢ Whopper Help Burger King?

The larger idea behind a 1¢ Whopper is to entice consumers into long-term usage of the Burger King app, which launched in August. As mobile spend surpasses digital, Burger King is looking to grow its mobile audience for ordering and payment purposes and aims to appeal to those who haven’t yet used the app.

What Other Marketing Initiatives Is Burger King Taking?

mcdonald's marketing whopper burger king waze BK

Leveraging technology further, Burger King has partnered with Waze to promote the 1¢ Whopper. When drivers using Waze stop near a McDonald’s location, a Burger King promotion appears on-screen, tempting consumers with nearly-free burgers.

Burger King also released a print ad, which includes the BK King altering a blurred-out McDonald’s sign to “Billions Swerved.”

With bold campaigns, Burger King has become a new marketing champion (of sorts) as the brand relentlessly fights its competitor for consumers.

Curious about marketing within the fast-food community? Read Fried Chicken Wars: The Top 5 Chains Go Head to Head for more.

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