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As The Gig Economy Booms, Brands Deploy Smart Recruitment Advertising

May 20, 2021 Sarah Cavill

Prior to the pandemic, more than a third of U.S. workers were in the gig economy, which is inclusive of “flexible, temporary or freelance jobs, often involving connecting with clients or customers through an online platform,” according to Investopedia. The increased demand for deliveries coupled with pandemic-related unemployment evolved and expanded the gig economy. In fact, “The Denver-based company GigSmart, which connects employers with gig workers via an app, reported a 25% increase in the number of gigs completed per day after the novel coronavirus descended on the United States last March compared with the months prior,” reported Georgia Perry in January for 5280, Denver’s Mile High Magazine

With delivery demand expected to remain high and the return to pre-pandemic behaviors, like ride-sharing, on the horizon, demand for gig economy workers appears to be exceeding supply. Brands that are looking for gig workers need to deploy digital advertising strategies that reach job seekers where and when they are looking.

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Differentiate

At a time when so many gig economy employers need workers, differentiation can be essential for recruitment. Advertising creative and landing pages can offer details that help gig economy job seekers make decisions about applying, including benefits, hours, pay and company culture. 

Shutterstock_1497227390 Soest, Germany - August 4, 2019: Uber driver holding smartphone in Volkswagen car. Uber is an American company offering transportation services online.

Differentiation can also be achieved through promotions, like those recently advertised by Uber and Lyft. According to an April Uber blog post, Uber launched “a $250 million driver stimulus to boost already high earnings for drivers.” The Uber stimulus is intended to “help welcome existing drivers back to Uber and ensure first-time drivers do well as they learn the ropes.” Lyft has a long list of bonuses and rewards intended to lure drivers to its platform. The Lyft earnings guarantee ensures drivers “earn a guaranteed amount for completing a certain number of rides,” which means Lyft drivers can be confident in their earning abilities.

Reviews & Social Opinion Matter For Gig Economy Workers

According to CNBC, one in three people turns down a job because of negative online reviews. Companies relying on gig economy employees should be continually aware of what’s being said online by current, past and prospective employees. Perception is reality, so the question is not whether or not the reviews are true, but instead what people believe. Employers should prepare to address potential issues, both directly on the review sites and with prospective employees who ask questions.

Digital Performance Advertising Helps Identify & Attract Gig Economy Employees

Digital performance advertising can help gig economy employers recruit at scale. Working with a company like Digital Media Solutions, employment advertisers can launch branded or unbranded campaigns designed to identify high-intent recruits and encourage engagement. Leveraging a variety of channels, digital performance advertising can be implemented with payment on a cost-per-action basis to create campaigns designed to align with unique cost-per-hire budgets.

Learn More About The Importance Of The Gig Recruitment With “Quick Questions With Kathy: The Growth Of The Gig Economy”

In this episode of, “Quick Questions With Kathy,” DMS CMO Kathy Bryan interviews DMS EVP of Brand Partnerships Matt Frary to get his insights on the growth of the gig economy. During the interview, Frary highlights how gig economy brands can leverage digital marketing and advertising strategies to connect with the right audiences as they strive to increase their labor force. 

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